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First up this season for sports we picked soccer and we chose to be just parents! I LOVE IT. I pull up to practice a mere minutes before it starts and pull up my chair. I watch my babies run and scream and having a blast {sometimes not listening to the coach and I think oh GOD thank you it isn't me}. I catch up on social media or even a great book.

I get to chat with the other parents, I get to relax for an entire 1 hour practice - this is amazing.

I didn't have to worry about contacting parents, making the snack schedule, coordinating colors, NOTING but showing up - this is the way it should be.

Well with sports and 2 kids on the same time SNACK time becomes a little... over achiever comes to mind.

Now let me tell you I am the parent that bakes fresh cupcakes/muffins, brings string cheese and healthy drinks. WELL I got schooled in t-ball - shit the moms were bringing baseball shaped containers filled with drinks, snacks, candy, baseball cards and much more! CRAP....

So this year I was not being THAT parent.

So I went a little pinterest searching and found this...

Peach cups with sharpie pumpkin faces! [super cute, super simple]
Pumpkin treat bags filled with Pumpkin Poo {cheese balls people}
And then I was trying [but failed] on making Ghost drinks so apple juice it is!

My view from my chair!!!

Don't forget about cute bags to carry the snacks!
AND this is just for one practice I have two kids so I am up again at the very next practice -
I pre-ordered pizza and brought them to the end of practice with Halloween themed plates and napkins along with more apple juice [so original but hey when you buy in bulk}
- Great for a practice that ends at 6:15pm!!


  1. I love that fruit cup idea. It's simple and easy! I think im going to do that tomorrow instead of candy. lol.
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  5. The fruit cups and cheese puffs look so fun!

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  7. SO CUTE! Love the pumpkin cups - what a simple but great idea! You are a fab soccer mom and I'm so glad that you are "just a parent" this time around :) Go Sharee!!
    PS - what is the GFC link up that you hosted? Sounds interesting a like a great way to meet other bloggers...!!

  8. The peach/pumpkin cups are adorable! I never would have thought of that - love pinterest! :)

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