New Food Likings

Do you remember posting about my Farm Fresh To You {the organic produce delivered to our house}??? If not check out my post!

Well we got our third box and I am excited to try EVERYTHING in the box.

This week we received:

Lettuce {butter lettuce - my fav}
Broccoli {love}
Pears {okay}
Pomegranate {Kind of messy}
Apples {staple}
Kiwis {not my thing...until now}
Carrots {love}
Green Beans {love}
2 lbs of beets {really what the hell do I do with this... see below}

What to do with all of this???

The first thing I tried was a fruit salad [great for my ww plus points as well]

I used: Kiwi, pomegranate, oranges, pears, strawberries! So good. I didn't need any dressings or sauce just the juices from the fruit and the entire family ate it up!!! Even myself!!

The next thing I needed was something to do with 2 lbs of beets!!!!

I found this recipe on pinterst! Beet Salad OMG I love it! It was super easy just baking, cutting and stirring! Can't get much better then that.

What I am loving about the deliver service is the way it is expanding our meals. The system is making me get out of my normal box and try something new. Can't wait to see what is in the next box!!!

What have you recently tried that you LOVE or maybe even hate???


  1. Makes me want to do something like this, so I too can expand my food stuff. I have never had pomagrante before- is it good?! I mean I have had the juice, mixed with alcohol, but non the less I have had it lol.

  2. I love pomegranate!

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  3. Omg! Gotta try the beet salad! Yummy!


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