Just feelin Pinterest HAPPY

Sometimes YOU just need a mindless HAPPY day of pinning.
Despite everyday CRAP [don't we all have that?] I want to be happy, I will be happy

{Here are a few happy pins on pinterest - I wish it was this easy to get all of the clothes I pin}

Isn't this the truth??? Well if NOT it should be - with all the hurt in the world, all of the economy worries, all of the illness THIS SHOULD BE true - everyone should want this problem, everyone should be happy when someone else is happy - and being HAPPY is great!

To me  - is having the HAPPINESS out way the BULLSHIT of life
To me  - is having the HAPPINESS out shine the negative
To me  - is making HAPPINESS out of a sad time
To me  - is making HAPPINESS your goal and the rest will follow
To me  - is TRUE HAPPINESS that lead me to TRUE LOVE and two TRUE MIRACLES

SO let us ring HAPPINESS - even if you are not happy right now - don't you want to be?
Is someone sad, is someone upset - make their day - send them an eCard or hey maybe this HAPPY post.

I read so man blogs that make me smile, make me cry, make me think, make me feel.

So today I feel HAPPY and I want to share it with all of you!

The older I get {32} I keep learning - who knew - that life has a way of working itself out even if it is bad right now, or it was a path I didn't think of or want.

I can remember when I was getting a divorce, moving, new job, new car, on my own for the first time OMG I thought life was over - and yet it was just beginning. Not what I imagined because I would have never imagined this.

SO open up to happiness [even if it doesn't seem possible] it will be worth it.



  1. I have many days of mindless pinning :). Hope you are having a great week!

  2. I love the one that says "think happy thoughts" over and over. I need to make that my home screen this week.

  3. Yay for happiness! :) I love the Stop and Smile sign. I wish all stop signs said that!

  4. Happiness! It's a double edge sword. I truly believe the littlest things make us happy. Something I never knew until I had my child. Just a simple laugh makes your world explode!


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