I want to FORGET that horrible awful number on the scale this week! {however it was the kick in the ass I needed - hopefully}.
I want to FORGET that I need to grocery shop, pack and get ready for our weekend vacation all today.

I want to FORGET how many Starbucks Black Ice Tea Lemonade's {trenta size} I have drank over the last month 5 points each WTH??? So I am changing my tune - Venti please and budgeted points 2 points woo wee!

I want to FORGET that this year is flying by. How can it be October 19th already??

I don't want to FORGET the joy on my babies faces when they picked out and TRIED on their Halloween outfits!!

I don't want to FORGET that I won the biggest giveaway yet. THANK YOU For Love of a Cupcake and all of her sponsors!!



  1. They look so cute in their costuumes! So glad you are kicking ass on the scale.

    I too have a million and one things to do before we leave town at 3 and yet here I sit typing this to you.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I will miss our chats.

  2. So I was texting and trying to link up. Sorry, you might want to delete me. I was stopping over to say hi and I saw your link up! THanks for hosting :)

    Julie @ Naptime Review


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