Forget it Friday Link UP

Welcome to another FORGET it FRIDAY..
I want to FORGET that I might have turned my kids into week/month long birthday celebrators like me....
I want to FORGET that my babies are now 5 and 4 - serioulsy where has the time gone.
I want to FORGET that it is only a little over 11 weeks until Christmas.
I want to FORGET that I blogged 4 times about my babies birthday celebrations - yikes [but they did look cute - you have to admit???]

I DON'T want you to FORGET that I did post a 31 day challenge and you haven't seen recent posts - don't worry I thought unless I did SOMETHING so spectular I would keep my daily notes to myself and then BANG hit you with them!

I want to FORGET  the Reese candy bar  I ate Thursday {but shit it was good}



  1. We all deserve a little treat now and then. Happpy Friday friend!

  2. Hi! I'm Roni and found you via the Blog Walk from @ Home Take 2! I'm a new follower and would love if you could come visit me over at HomePayge:)

  3. Found your blog through the hop, and I love it! I followed :)

    Lyndsay @

  4. Hi there. I just found your page through MBC. New fan,.....can't wait to see what you post :)

  5. Mom's need candy more than anyone else out there!! And it's really 11 weeks til Christmas? Oh geez...

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


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