Farm Fresh To You

This past weekend at my company picnic we had a Health & Wellness Fair and one of the vendors was Farm Fresh To You. AMAZING.
It is FRESH ORGANIC produce delivered right to your door. You can choose weekly, every other week, monthly. You can choose what veggies you like and DO NOT like!
Well I signed up for it - delivered to my door (well before 6am) what I like and a few new things to try DAHHHH.
I received my first box today and I am beyond excited to try everything in it.

Our box included:
1 - Red Seeded Watermelon
1 - Bulb of Garlic
1 lb of Mixed Onions (1 red onion)
2 - Valencia Oranges
1.5lbs of Autumn Royal Grapes
1lb of Black Plums
.75lbs Mixed Sweet Pepper
1lb Green Bean
1 - Green Bell Pepper
1 - Bunched Carrots
1 - Leaf Lettuce

If you live in their delivery area I would highly recommend you giving them a try - it is also a NO contract you can cancel at anytime!!!


  1. Wow that's awesome! I wish I lived in the area. Do you know what you are getting ahead of time or it just shows up?

  2. ok i want to know, is there a different taste to organic versus the other? i swear everytime i go to the grocery i want to buy organic bananas but i always stop because i think they will taste funny.


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