By baby mini me is 4!!!

I look down at my baby girl and see me {attitude and all} and she is just growing into this wonderful {yet challenging} little lady.
I am beyond myself that we were able to create someone so just like us in so many ways. She truly made our family complete.
A daughter.
A little sister.
A best friend.
A worst enemy.
A caregiver.
A smarty pants.
A pain in the ass.
A sweetheart.
A ying to our yang.
The final piece of our family.
To follow suit here is a recap to show you our baby girl through the years. And just like the BOY this was an emotional tearful process [in a great way]. Our life would not have been the same without her.

birth DATE

4 generations of women birth DATE



1 years old


2 years old


4 generation of women 2011 - 3 years old

3 years old

On the day she turned FOUR she let me carry her in my lap and sing happy birthday to her. She is so excited to finally be four [such a long time for a child].

Here she is FOUR and all!!

We waited to give her gift until her actual birthday.

Stay tuned for the BIG CARNIVAL celebration for the both of them too.

NOW for her special day her grandma took her for the day and she received her present from them and was able to spend bonding time baking, swimming, lunch and a day for the girls!

For her birthday celebration we also went to dinner at Carino's!

I have to say that her day was super special!!!


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  1. Awe, happy birthday! Look at that 2 year old photo- OMG too cute! Times flies by. Crazy how close their birthdays are- it was truly meant to be. Where is the bunny shirt from? It's super cute!


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