Birthday Week Continues...Disneyland

BIRTHDAYS to me are the best holidays EVER. I have been a birthday month kind of girl my whole life and I LOVE IT. And I am sad happy to say that I have passed this tradition down to our children. You already saw the birthday post for our son and there will be one for the girl as well {being that they are 1 year 1 week apart}.

This year we wanted to treat them to a day at DISNEYLAND {season passes thankfully saved us}. We took them from Noon to 8pm and it was one of those PERFECT FUN INCREDIBLE days.

The crew that went: Hubby, the Boy, the Girl, me and my mother-in-law [the father-in-law came out later].

The weather was AMAZING - low 80's {a great break from our 100 crappy weather} AND it wasn't even packed. We headed over to California Adventure Land first [I do NOT like this place - it is tooooo small, always packed, rides suck and the wait times are just toooo long] to experience the new CarsLand. Our children LOVE all of the Cars movies {remember our son's room is Cars out!!}. Despite my hesitation it was a blast!!! We were able to walk through the new land and let me tell you it felt like I was walking right into the movie! The shops, the cars and attention to detail was beyond my expectations!!! We were able to get on 2 of the CarsLand rides and we then went over to Soaring - a first for our kids.

After the three rides we headed to the happiest place on Earth side - Disneyland {even cooler on this side} and all decorated for Halloween!! Here is a list of the rides that we were able to get on in no time at all.

The Train - Disneyland Railroad
Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain - the kids loved this hands up and all
Matterhorn Bobsleds - okay they updated this to ONLY single riders OMG our babies rode in a seat
 by themselves - I was so scared... THEY LOVED IT
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin
After a full day it was off to dinner and a treat from Jamba Juice {got a 10% discount with our season passes oh yeah}!!!
All in All another wonderful day to celebrate their birthdays and oh yeah have a little fun!!!
A little goofy time anyone

Halloween Time with the grandparents

The train ride


Tow Mater Ride

The love of my life

Family Picture Time in Carsland

The boys

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  1. Looks like it was so much fun and the perfect way to spend a birthday. AND you look great!!!


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