A little FAMILY competition

So my brothers girlfriend and her family decided they wanted to have a FAMILY FUN DAY. They were planning it and all we had to do was show up [add wear red].

The FAMILY FUN DAY would be my brother's family [red team] VS his girlfriends family [grey team].

We picked a park in the middle of all of the families {not really but it worked}. We all packed lunches and even brought water and pizza for everyone. I had made brownies and cupcakes for my cousin's 18th birthday celebration too.

We were going to play a total of 5 games [here is the down side to me not being the photographer - I don't have any pictures of the games BUT I do have our team photos}.

Egg toss - Grey Team Won

Tug - of - war - Red Team Won

Relay Race - Red Team Won 

Flag Football - Red Team Won

Kick ball - was scratched 

We ARE two very competitive families so it was a FIGHT for every event. One of the issues is the fact that we have a large family {ok it is only my brother and I but our cousins are like siblings} we had a total of 9 people for our team and the other team only had six {all siblings}. What we ended up doing is rotating out players.

I have to say this was an amazing day! So much fun!! PLUS I already got my exercise in for the day {plus I busted out my sit ups too}.


  1. That's great! It sounds like it was lots of fun and being the winner is always nice lol.

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