A lady in the street...

Ok one of my FAV bloggers is Mamalaughlin. She truly is an inspiration to ME. She has inspired me to do more, to eat better and can you believe it to start and actually enjoy RUNNING. I even have her Garmin watch on my WISH LIST for gift suggestions.

But what she has done recently is write one of the best and truthful posts about SEX (yes that is right SEX) Here is it. Check it out if you are interested. If you are not wanting to read about SEX or my thoughts or hers please stop here.

For me I have wrote about sex I think once and it was in reference to Mr. Grey BUT hello this blog is read my mother-in-law and my mom (Hi mom's STOP READING HERE). {okay as I write this other sexual type posts are ringing a bell but who cares I felt inspired to write about it again today}

But ladies here is my take on

A lady in the street a freak in the sheets.
I KNOW that men (aka my hubby) are driven by sex. They are an animal and by nature SEX is VERY important to them.
Being his wife I want to be the WIFE that he
highly talks about,
his friends ask "does she have a sister?",
a wife that he is proud of.
So in my opinion a HEALTHY active sex life is one the best things you could do for your marriage, for your hubby, for yourself.
My thoughts:
I don't believe in withholding sex.
I have made a promise to myself to have sex 3 - 4 times a week (we have busy lives people).
I don't mind PLANNING sex.
I believe in initiating and getting attacked equally.
If your man is sexually satisfied he will NOT stray (not that straying is good just my thoughts).
Sex can be a quickie {sometimes it is okay - very okay}.
Sex can be an "event".
I feel that I can rock the business suit, jeans and lingerie great! Isn't that what every man wants?? The girl next door -  innocent, sweet, professional, the girl you can take home to mom, the girl you can take to super cross, the girl you can take to your families wedding and then the girl you take to the bedroom?
So ladies embrace the animal instincts and rock YOUR worlds. 

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  1. AMEN! Quickies are key M-Th when we both are tired. Make up for it on the weekend. LOVE your honesty!


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