31 days of Me Week 4

Going into week 4  I hope that this is now a habit for me of doing things for myself.

I am important.
My health is important.
A happy wifey makes a happy lifey {quoted by my hubby}.
I want to slow down and smell the roses.
I want to be there every step of the way for my babies

Day 22 - Back to work after a great weekend makes MONDAYs even harder to get into. BUT I kept up on my food tracking and exercise {not a run but weights and elliptical mixed in with a little Grey's Anatomy}. BUT what was great was mail day - I received one of my winnings! I love my necklace and special note!

Day 23 - I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off but I got in a 3 mile walk!!!
Day 24 - I got up early enough to blow dry and straighten my hair and I finally brought out this NEW wonderful shirt ----------------------- mint green
Day 25 - Well I fell ill or something so the thing I am doing for myself is RESTING. Taking it easy and hoping what ever this is goes away soon. I have no energy.
Day 26 - HOT DAMN. Momma is BACK. I am better - sleep and rest are the key. I stayed off of getting back into the swing of things because I didn't want to go back into the sickness - so I settled for  pamper item - 1 1/2 hour massage {thank you livingsocial}and a hot bath! 

Day 27 - I got up and at em. Morning time I did my arm exercises, sit-ups and the elliptical. Then it was a mani/pedi with the FF. I also hit the weights and elliptical in the evening!!!
Day 28 - Got up early and ran a full mile {plus a little more}!! oh yes I will be a RUNNER, I am becoming a RUNNER. Today I felt inspired, felt good and you know what I HAD to organize: garage, pets, bills, photos even my closet!!!

The entire 31 days of myself has put so many things in perspective. I am happier, I am feeling better, the family is happy I feel like roses! By putting myself first it opens up everything else in my life running smoothly too. It is amazing how that works out!!!

So thank you for reading along on my 31 days journey and if you missed week 1, week 2 or week 3 just click away.

Did you participate?

How did you do??

So here is to the next 100 years going the same way.


  1. I have an elliptical and 2 minutes on it and I feel like I am going to explode. I can barely make it past 5 minutes. Oh wait I don't make it past 5 minutes. How do you do this?

  2. A Happy Wifey= a Happy Lifey....Love it! Love your mint green shirt too!

  3. I am thinking you need 90 minutes massages and hot baths weekly- it seems it was the key to feeling better last week, oh and sleep helps too. Glad to see you are remembering yourself. I miss you. Feels like I haven't caught up with you much, so I am glad to see you are doing well.

  4. Hi, honey! Following you from the Return the Favor hop. Cute blog! <3

    xo, Adriana

  5. Hi sharee! Stopping by from the return the favor gfc blog hop! i'm a new follower. would love for you to stop by and visit me when you get a chance. ;)



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