31 Days of ME Week 2 Recap

I have to say that this 31 days of ME is a benefit for me especially but my family. Within just a weeks time I have noticed this:

1. I did NOT PMS at all???? [okay this is huge - I seem to cry one minute, yell the next, explode the next and then start all over - nothing this time]
2. My kids are not being whining, yelling, causing me trouble {and if they do it isn't for along and I am not fighting with them - much}
3. I have turned into NO WORRIES replier. You can't make it NO WORRIES, you need to change plans NO WORRIES. I have lived much of my life worrying if people are going to come to our party, if they like me, are then going to... the list goes on. But I am learning all I can do is invite - they show up or they don't.
4. My hubby and I are doing well. The bickering isn't long, isn't bad and we can go right back to the I Love You's

It is an amazing feeling when I am happy, the family is happy, the kids are less edgey. This is a way I hope our life can continue - NO WORRIES.

Day 8 - I was able to FIT in a running session while talking to my friend Lindsay {that girl stayed up late to chat with me THANK YOU}, my 200 sit up plan, along with painting my nails and even finishing a book. And the best part is my hubby was sitting next to me for most of it!

Day 9 - I took a break day. Didn't work out - just veggied out!

Day 10 - WELL something hit me damn it and I was a stress case so I ran to my elliptical and watched my shows and then I ..... found a chair and I stayed in the garage after my workout for piece and quiet - blissful I tell you.

Day 11 - today  I went to my all time go to make me happy place - Starbucks plus a little homemade trail mix and don't forget my new scarf that I love! I even ran in the rain! LOVED THAT

Day 12 - We had a family night and just relaxed other then not stressing out I didn't do much for me. 

Day 13 - OKAY you will think I am crazy but what I did for myself was finally buy my needed extra shoe racks and I organized my shoe area - to me this is big!!!
Before and After 

Day 14 - today wasn't about myself but it was about my honey and his wonderful birthday! I wanted to cook for him and do things for him! We had a successful wonderful time! But what I did do for myself was catch up on blogging for the weekend and a little stop by Starbucks {always lifts me}! 

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  1. I love that scarf so very much, but not as much as I love you! Glad to see you are taking more time for YOU!!! It was nice chatting with you this morning and I am so proud of everything you have been doing. And hey if kids can be good then you must be doing something right.


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