31 days of ME TIME

31 days of ME TIME
Is it selfish of me??
What can I do for me for 31 days????
What is this 31 days of me time?
Well as I was reading my lovely blogger friends I ran across this 31 days challenge. For 31 days you get to talk/blog about that "thing" and make this challenge your own. To see more 31 days please go to The Nester
I have STRESSED for ever and even recenlty about my weight.{fat picture post}
Well THIS IS it I want to be a healthier happier SKINNER version and to do this I need a goal {set}, motivation {hello HEALTHY, SKINNY} and above all you have to be happy.
So today on October 1st, 2012 my first step was weighing myself this morning {naked as a jay bird} and realized that I am .2 pounds less then I was on Friday [before you ask yes I ONLY weigh myself naked after I pee in the morning so they are comparable numbers].
I want to CHALLENGE my self on ME TIME - me time that gets me HEALTHY mentally, physically, financailly. When the three of them come together it makes your ENTIRE life HAPPY.
The old saying when "the wife is happy your life is happy" is TRUE.
So what can I do for 31 days: {I have some ideas and WOULD Love your ideas as well}
- Workout at least 5 days a week
-  Get to where my couch to 5k is RUNNING the entire time - Mamalaughin inspiration needed daily!!
- Bust out my trusty Jillian Michaels DVD's (they work)
- Continue reading for my book club
- Get up the extra 5 minutes in the morning to do this wonderful yoga set that I found on pinterest
- Get back to my thearpist {appointment set}
- STICK to our budget and PAYING cash (kids birthday paid in cash - look for the upcoming post)
A little inspiration for me, for you!!!
Source: via Ros on Pinterest

So LOOK out for me for 31 days {meaning we might have multiple posts daily and maybe a couple catch up days too}.

Does anyone else want to do something for 31 days????


  1. Yay! We both get me time. I have 3 days this weekend, with no huz. Even though the kid will be playing about, its still my bed, no snoring, legs sprawled out like sunday dinner, watching something other than swamp people and westerns.

  2. I came across your blog through the nester site. Love this idea, I am on the same page with you. Good luck with your 31 day challenge!

  3. I love this idea! i thought about doing it myself. Touche and rock that shit! You deserve it.


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