31 days of me time... Day 2

Well I thought day 2 was worth writing about on this challenge.

The day started out with me actually getting up a few minutes early to stretch - it actually had me a little less stiff today {score}.

After work it was just me and the kiddos and our time together was actually a peaceful one. First on the agenda was homework - we have two smarties on our hands! After homework  the kids played with their kindle fire and leap pad while I made dinner [artichoke and spinach stuffed sausage with veggies and cheese couscous - yummy]. They ate it up! Then it was a little tv and ice cream treat time while mom cleaned up. After one show we headed up stairs for baths and reading time {wait for it I swear I had me time}. Can I say I love when it gets darker earlier I had the kids in bed by 715!!!! Oh yes mother WIN big time.

Then I was off to use the elliptical while watching Giuliani & Bill Rancic - 35 whole minutes of dedicated me time! I was sweating good while catching up on G & B get a new house and see their baby (ultrasound) - wonderful.

Then my hubby came home and got me gas while I went upstairs for a bath - oh yes!!! And I even shaved my legs.

Then I laid in bed and starting blogging about my day with my wonderful hubby by my side. So to me day 2 was a success!

I also wanted to share my newest Target clearance but - this cute dress! Can't beat 10 bucks!

My two babies already for school - and really I need a new photographer stat!! But at least you can see the pattern on the right!

NOTE: Just being on day 2 and taking time for myself is really confirming if Wife is Happy Life is happy. By me taking the time for myself puts me in a better mood, which means I am more patient, more understanding, the kids are less hectic, the hubby is happy! Life is good - alright challenge keep it up!!


  1. Cute dress! Target?! I need one.

  2. Visiting from the RTF blog hop! Luv your header, can't wait til I have more time to browse. I'm following via GFC, hope you'll visit and return the favor.

    Angie @ http://gloriousimperfection.blogspot.com/


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