31 Days of ME Recap week 1

As I first mentioned I am joining The Nester for this 31 day challenge.

I am Challenging myself to 31 days of me!!

I posted some throughout the month but here is a recap of the first week.

FIRST - being a mother, a wife, a full-time employee, a business owner, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a cousin, the list goes on I have to REMEMBER {often} that I need to put me first. IS that being selfish?? For a long time I thought YES because my job is to take care of everyone on my above list BUT wait if I am not okay, if I am not happy - how can I function at the top of my game to help and be there for others! SO in my opinion not selfish.

Here is my recap:

1 - Decided to take the Challenge. Look here . I also ran for 2 miles that night.
2 - I got up early enough to do my stretches in the morning [it does make a difference the stiffness that I generally have isn't as bad] and I got in time exercising, bath and catching up on my shows!  Take a look here.
3 - I had a night out with a friend to celebrate my birthday (yes my birthday was in July - but he was a little behind). He treated me to fried pickles and shoes!! This was a night for me for sure - good food, great gifts and not my money!!!

4 - I actually went big here - I spent $1.99 on a new ab app that I love - 200 abs!!! {gasp not a free app hehe}. I am falling in love more and more with exercise and the ease I have with my iphone and apps!! I was super excited because they make you take a pre-test and I was able to do 43 sit-ups so it got me to week 3 already!! Over achiever :)

5 - today was ranked as a wonderful (beginning day) I dressed cute - a little country but a touch of rock n roll {or that is what I was told} and even took the extra time to actually do my hair loved it. I also might have just umm found an orgasmic food - Sea Salt Carmel Gelato. 

Day 6 - SATURDAY at last. I went for a 2.5 mile bike ride in the morning - just me, my iphone and the cool weather. Then I cranked out 152 sit- ups!! {it seems exercise I am doing well on but this dang food problem}. We also fit in a family bike ride [about 1 mile] 

Day 7 - BLOGGING, BATH and READING my book - now this is all for me!!!! 


  1. i've gotta try that talenti! looks amazing!! found and following via the blog hop! :)


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