Sports Mom

First up this season for sports we picked soccer and we chose to be just parents! I LOVE IT. I pull up to practice a mere minutes before it starts and pull up my chair. I watch my babies run and scream and having a blast {sometimes not listening to the coach and I think oh GOD thank you it isn't me}. I catch up on social media or even a great book.

I get to chat with the other parents, I get to relax for an entire 1 hour practice - this is amazing.

I didn't have to worry about contacting parents, making the snack schedule, coordinating colors, NOTING but showing up - this is the way it should be.

Well with sports and 2 kids on the same time SNACK time becomes a little... over achiever comes to mind.

Now let me tell you I am the parent that bakes fresh cupcakes/muffins, brings string cheese and healthy drinks. WELL I got schooled in t-ball - shit the moms were bringing baseball shaped containers filled with drinks, snacks, candy, baseball cards and much more! CRAP....

So this year I was not being THAT parent.

So I went a little pinterest searching and found this...

Peach cups with sharpie pumpkin faces! [super cute, super simple]
Pumpkin treat bags filled with Pumpkin Poo {cheese balls people}
And then I was trying [but failed] on making Ghost drinks so apple juice it is!

My view from my chair!!!

Don't forget about cute bags to carry the snacks!
AND this is just for one practice I have two kids so I am up again at the very next practice -
I pre-ordered pizza and brought them to the end of practice with Halloween themed plates and napkins along with more apple juice [so original but hey when you buy in bulk}
- Great for a practice that ends at 6:15pm!!

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31 days of Me Week 4

Going into week 4  I hope that this is now a habit for me of doing things for myself.

I am important.
My health is important.
A happy wifey makes a happy lifey {quoted by my hubby}.
I want to slow down and smell the roses.
I want to be there every step of the way for my babies

Day 22 - Back to work after a great weekend makes MONDAYs even harder to get into. BUT I kept up on my food tracking and exercise {not a run but weights and elliptical mixed in with a little Grey's Anatomy}. BUT what was great was mail day - I received one of my winnings! I love my necklace and special note!

Day 23 - I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off but I got in a 3 mile walk!!!
Day 24 - I got up early enough to blow dry and straighten my hair and I finally brought out this NEW wonderful shirt ----------------------- mint green
Day 25 - Well I fell ill or something so the thing I am doing for myself is RESTING. Taking it easy and hoping what ever this is goes away soon. I have no energy.
Day 26 - HOT DAMN. Momma is BACK. I am better - sleep and rest are the key. I stayed off of getting back into the swing of things because I didn't want to go back into the sickness - so I settled for  pamper item - 1 1/2 hour massage {thank you livingsocial}and a hot bath! 

Day 27 - I got up and at em. Morning time I did my arm exercises, sit-ups and the elliptical. Then it was a mani/pedi with the FF. I also hit the weights and elliptical in the evening!!!
Day 28 - Got up early and ran a full mile {plus a little more}!! oh yes I will be a RUNNER, I am becoming a RUNNER. Today I felt inspired, felt good and you know what I HAD to organize: garage, pets, bills, photos even my closet!!!

The entire 31 days of myself has put so many things in perspective. I am happier, I am feeling better, the family is happy I feel like roses! By putting myself first it opens up everything else in my life running smoothly too. It is amazing how that works out!!!

So thank you for reading along on my 31 days journey and if you missed week 1, week 2 or week 3 just click away.

Did you participate?

How did you do??

So here is to the next 100 years going the same way.

Super Heroes

There are so many people that are superheros in my life. This weekend was a GRAND example of them.

For starters My hubby. On Friday night I was able to book my 1 1/2 hour massage {via livingsocial}for my horrible back pain. As I raced to get to my appointment late at night all I could think of was all of the stuff that had to be done at home - but at least we had the entire weekend. After the most amazing massage I called my honey to tell him I was on my way home. I got home to MOPPED floors and a warm bath waiting for me. MY KNIGHT IN SHINING armor!!! Got to love that man!!

Then my Forever Friend. We meet up on Saturday for a little girl time! We got mani/pedi's {my first professional one since May - yikes}. Talk about heaven. Then we walked and did a little retail therapy [more browsing then anything]. But it was fun to just be two girls with no time limits, no kids, nothing pressing to do. That girl is so beautiful inside and out and she cracks me up!! Love her to pieces.

My mom. As I was out with my FF my mom kept my hubby and babies company and had a great relaxing day with them - thanks mom!!

My babies! Ok how could these TWO not be my SUPER HEROES??? Love them to pieces. We were on our way to the Harvest Festival.

Family time. We attended a family's Harvest Festival and it was so much fun. 1st we were able to be with all of our nieces and nephews while looking at all of the cool costumes, singing, yummy treats and don't forget about the jump houses and games!! What a great time. I even was able to sneak this cute picture of me and my niece! Isn't she adorable?? Look at those eyes????

Pinterest DESSERT most try

When we camping I had to try a new dessert.
BUT first if you missed our camping post check it out here!

OMG so amazing.
I used sugar cones like above and I stuffed them with
I first coated the insides with peanut butter {except one without for a child with peanut allergies}
then I added:
chocolate chips
butterscotch chips
small marshmallows
and then wrapped them up in tinfoil and put them on the grill for about 2 minutes!!
Kids and parents alike were raving about them.

I think this will be the new staple item for camping and a whole lot less messy!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget it Friday

I want to FORGET about this horrible upper back pain.
I want to FORGET that I need to find a dress for a formal event in a few weeks and I have to cover my back tattoos. Argh
I want to FORGET that Halloween is next week and I am weak for the little peanut butter cups - CRAP.
I want to FORGET that the weather keeps changing - I want cold to stay.

I want to FORGET about not feeling well and having to spend time with the porcelain gods. So not eating and throwing up I am down another 1lb in one day.  
I DON'T want to FORGET that I am still basking in our wonderful weekend camping trip.

I DON'T want to FORGET the progress I am making with my eating, exercise and weight loss!

Also, go check out the group giveaway at ModaMama

I don't want to FORGET about the SHABBY APPLE Giveaway over at Where We can Live Like Jack & Sally

I Don't want to FORGET about the great support and the THANK YOU winner of my 200+ give-away! Audra over at A Little Bit of Rain

Also, DON'T forget when I went to buy Audra's giftcard choice {Target} I bought this awesome blazer.

A group giveaway over at ModaMama

Hi Friends and Followers
Wanted to give you a heads up about a
group giveaway that I am doing on
Go Check it out!!!
I am offering a $15 Starbucks Card but there are several OTHER amazing items I would love to win in this group give-a-way!!!

Vote For...

On our way to school one morning I pulled up behind this truck

and I thought hey I am going to text this to my hubby - I love it voting yet not political, patriotic yet nothing to do with the presidency!
Thought it was funny and hello I was addicted to the Girl's Next Door {the original girls}.


Daughter: I like that girl.

Mom: What girl? [playing dumb]

Daughter: That girl mom - I want to be her.

Mom: Why?

Daughter: She is pretty.

Mom: She is confident baby - pure confident!

It just had me cracking up. I don't know why but it did. I then forwarded the picture to my hubby telling him that story and he replied "JUST GREAT" I guess he didn't think it was as funny as I did. Oops

New Food Likings

Do you remember posting about my Farm Fresh To You {the organic produce delivered to our house}??? If not check out my post!

Well we got our third box and I am excited to try EVERYTHING in the box.

This week we received:

Lettuce {butter lettuce - my fav}
Broccoli {love}
Pears {okay}
Pomegranate {Kind of messy}
Apples {staple}
Kiwis {not my thing...until now}
Carrots {love}
Green Beans {love}
2 lbs of beets {really what the hell do I do with this... see below}

What to do with all of this???

The first thing I tried was a fruit salad [great for my ww plus points as well]

I used: Kiwi, pomegranate, oranges, pears, strawberries! So good. I didn't need any dressings or sauce just the juices from the fruit and the entire family ate it up!!! Even myself!!

The next thing I needed was something to do with 2 lbs of beets!!!!

I found this recipe on pinterst! Beet Salad OMG I love it! It was super easy just baking, cutting and stirring! Can't get much better then that.

What I am loving about the deliver service is the way it is expanding our meals. The system is making me get out of my normal box and try something new. Can't wait to see what is in the next box!!!

What have you recently tried that you LOVE or maybe even hate???

31 days of ME Week 3

Well I have to say I am super excited that I have stuck to this going into the 3rd week!! Catch up on Week 1 and Week 2!

Day 15 - What a wonderful day. It was just me and the babies. We went for a jog/scooter ride. It was refreshing to get out and be active with the babies. Check out our new New Balance Shoes that we got at the factory store (25% off entire purchase). I also waited until the babies went to bed and I hit the elliptical hard along with a few kettle bell exercises as well.

Day 16 - I DID it. I ran 1 full mile without stopping, without dying, without gasping for air! I also did my sit-ups, arm exercises and time on the elliptical!!! {look at that sweat - oh yeah baby}

Day 17 - Kicked ass and took names! Another mile under my belt plus elliptical!

Day 18 - I took a ME RELAX day.

Day 19 - 20 - 21: the best kind of days. CAMPING, RIDING, RELAXING with family and friends. AMAZING !!! NO SOCIAL Media except a few pictures of our weekend on instagram! Do you want to read about our weekend go here!
All of the kids from our trip

A family that rides together stays together

This last 3 weeks have been good for me PERSONALLY. I have got back on the weight watcher system hardcore, I have increased my workouts (and I am enjoying it) and I am seeing results (the best part). Health wise amazing {I am in the search for another great word but AMAZING gets the job done}. Emotionally is going well - I am handling the CRAP so much better, I am not getting upset or stuck on the little things, I am also reaching out to people and if they don't reach back that is okay but at least I know I am making the effort.

Weekend Recap - New Friends, Camping, Riding

Sometimes what you need is a good recharge!!!

That happened for me this weekend. I stepped away from social media [ok a few posts on Instagram] and it was wonderful. I didn't have my phone in my hands other then for a few photos.

This weekend we went for our first camping/riding trip of the year. We went with a group of the greatest friends! We just met them a few months ago but I swear it is like we have known each other forEVER.

There were a total of 6 kids (all about the same age) running around and enjoying every moment. I was able to relax, talk and just have a blast with no worries.

Back up just a minute...the fun started on Friday morning. I was able to be the stay at home mom life {just for a day}. I got to sleep in a little, take my boy to his actual kindergarten class and meet his teacher, I got to shove all of my errands and chores in the three hour window before it was time to fight the traffic to pick him up. It was the best feeling to be able to do that!

Then we were off! Us, babies, my mom and of course the puppies!!!

Being that we left early on Friday we even got a few rides in on Friday. So get prepared for a photo dump because I am an awe over our incredible weekend and connecting with amazing friends!!!

All of the kids

OUR 30 mile rhino trip!

Our two little quad riders! They did amazing

Look what we can do MOM!

a little rock climbing, cave finding and look at those men going up the wall on bikes (not my hubby)

Our camp group!

Look the pink makes it officially mine :)

This is waking up in trailer style
So here is to great friends, great memories and looking forward to the next trip!!!

Just a reminder that the FORGET it FRIDAY link is still open!

Also, you have 12 hours left to enter the THANK YOU give-a-way!


I want to FORGET that horrible awful number on the scale this week! {however it was the kick in the ass I needed - hopefully}.
I want to FORGET that I need to grocery shop, pack and get ready for our weekend vacation all today.

I want to FORGET how many Starbucks Black Ice Tea Lemonade's {trenta size} I have drank over the last month 5 points each WTH??? So I am changing my tune - Venti please and budgeted points 2 points woo wee!

I want to FORGET that this year is flying by. How can it be October 19th already??

I don't want to FORGET the joy on my babies faces when they picked out and TRIED on their Halloween outfits!!

I don't want to FORGET that I won the biggest giveaway yet. THANK YOU For Love of a Cupcake and all of her sponsors!!


Back to being a homemaker via pinterest

I have fallen off of the band wagon and I want back on!!

Cooking at home. I LOVE it, it is healthier, it is cheaper, it is HOME.
So I am already planning our menus for next week {going on vacation this weekend and I can fake it
until I make it until next week}
So here it goes:
Monday: Meatloaf with Zucchini Tots
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Tuesday: Italian Crock pot Chicken (the pin was reported as spam)
4-6 hours in the crock pot
Chicken - bottle of Italian dressing - carrots - potatoes - Parmesan cheese
Wednesday: Taco Roll Ups and rice pilaf
 Pinned Image
Thursday: Crockpot Corn/Chicken Chowder with salad
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
 Pinned Image
Saturday: Sandwiches or Left overs or maybe even a pizza :)
Sunday: It is time for the LOSERS to pay up! They are cooking us dinner. Check out our
Also, I will be making myself Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Chicken Pitas for me for lunches!!!

Tid bit of advice on this blog journey + my 200 follower giveaway

I have grown so very fond of this blog community. I get some much out of it including {but not limited too} meeting incredible people, getting encouraging words and to add the guilt free icing on top of my cake - giveaways, raffles, prizes - I am over the top excited when I win!!

Now I am here today to SAY THANK YOU to my 200+ followers (as of today at 8am). I am over the top happy about this. I actually can not believe that my blog about me and my thoughts has gained your approval and you want to see my thoughts, my family, my fun, my ups and downs. Just like everyone else I started this blog for myself - an outlet, a venting board BUT never would I have imagined the greatness out of the blog community.

I want to THANK YOU all with a little raffle of my one. $20 gift card to YOUR CHOICE. It can be Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom, Subway!! This is a THANK YOU so I would like it to be your choice. There will be one winner and the ONLY requirement is to me a follower of my blog!! {Extra entries will be available}.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So here is my advice about GIVEAWAYS...

Now I put in the time entering, following, tweeting, commenting so when it comes time that I have won - I am so glad that I put the time into doing it.

I also put in time when I am hosting a give-a-way. I set up the super easy user friendly rafflecopter, I find people that want to do a give-a-way, I promote the company, I write/type out personalized notes for the winners, I make sure to mail out the items in a timely matter and I follow up after I mail it and a few weeks later to ensure they received it [okay this step I should do earlier] but the point is I believe you put in  a lot of time so make it worth it.

Just the other night I went through my momfittingitallin email folder and I followed up with EVERYONE I have done a swap with, a person that won a prize from me, a person that I won a prize from and I followed up with either a thank you, how is the item, do you like it and even where is the prize I won.

I realize that we all have very busy lives and tons of things on our plate but if I could make a recommendation for you it is to

....... FOLLOW Up !!!!!

By following up you are showing that you care, that what you won/gave was received by the other person and if some reason it fell through the cracks it can be fixed!

With sending out my emails I was able to get a response from two of the items I won and never received {follow up pays off}.

So here is to great giveaways, raffles, prizes and swaps!!!

Before I leave today here is a picture of my daughter and I! Dress Day!!

My dress is an oldie but goodie - Target
Cowboy boots - remember Birthday Gift time???
My daughters dress - Hello Kitty she received for her birthday

31 Days of ME Week 2 Recap

I have to say that this 31 days of ME is a benefit for me especially but my family. Within just a weeks time I have noticed this:

1. I did NOT PMS at all???? [okay this is huge - I seem to cry one minute, yell the next, explode the next and then start all over - nothing this time]
2. My kids are not being whining, yelling, causing me trouble {and if they do it isn't for along and I am not fighting with them - much}
3. I have turned into NO WORRIES replier. You can't make it NO WORRIES, you need to change plans NO WORRIES. I have lived much of my life worrying if people are going to come to our party, if they like me, are then going to... the list goes on. But I am learning all I can do is invite - they show up or they don't.
4. My hubby and I are doing well. The bickering isn't long, isn't bad and we can go right back to the I Love You's

It is an amazing feeling when I am happy, the family is happy, the kids are less edgey. This is a way I hope our life can continue - NO WORRIES.

Day 8 - I was able to FIT in a running session while talking to my friend Lindsay {that girl stayed up late to chat with me THANK YOU}, my 200 sit up plan, along with painting my nails and even finishing a book. And the best part is my hubby was sitting next to me for most of it!

Day 9 - I took a break day. Didn't work out - just veggied out!

Day 10 - WELL something hit me damn it and I was a stress case so I ran to my elliptical and watched my shows and then I ..... found a chair and I stayed in the garage after my workout for piece and quiet - blissful I tell you.

Day 11 - today  I went to my all time go to make me happy place - Starbucks plus a little homemade trail mix and don't forget my new scarf that I love! I even ran in the rain! LOVED THAT

Day 12 - We had a family night and just relaxed other then not stressing out I didn't do much for me. 

Day 13 - OKAY you will think I am crazy but what I did for myself was finally buy my needed extra shoe racks and I organized my shoe area - to me this is big!!!
Before and After 

Day 14 - today wasn't about myself but it was about my honey and his wonderful birthday! I wanted to cook for him and do things for him! We had a successful wonderful time! But what I did do for myself was catch up on blogging for the weekend and a little stop by Starbucks {always lifts me}! 

Me Myself and I

Me Myself & I seemed fitting since I have been focusing on ME for this 31 day challenge.
Check here, here and here for a peak into the challenge.
For today's link up....
1. What is your favorite season?
My favorite season is fall/winter [if you can call it that in California]. I love the cooler weather, the boots, the sweaters, the soups, the baking and the holidays, the smell!
2. Talk about a moment that changed your life.
There are SEVERAL moments that have changed my life. One that is near and dear to me and my health happened a little over 5 years ago. My FIL had a health scare and it was the STRAW that finally kicked my ass in gear. I joined WW and lost 40lbs within 3 months. It was the turning point I needed to ENSURE that my health is important.
3. If you could be any crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
I would like to say the BOX of crayons would be my color. I am an emotional person and I show every damn one of them: happy, sad, mad, excited, etc... So I would like the whole box!!
4. Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?
If I was a superhero I would like to have the ability to fly anywhere! Fly to help people, fly to work, fly to take my kids to school, fly to vacation :)
5. If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?
OMG this is my dream. Nordstrom, Macy's and TARGET!!!!

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