Weightloss SUCKS

My weight loss journey has become harder now that I am older MORE then ever. Since I have been fat a majority of my life and I HATE being fat I know that it is a very easy slippery slope to get on. It seems you can pack on the weight overnight yet it takes me years to get it off.

I was very successful with WW however now I feel it constraints me too much AKA why I am not losing the last of my weight because the going off the cuff gets you in trouble.

I have tried everything under the moon even the Hcg crap - really to me it is crap you don't eat - hello I could just stop eating but as you can tell I am not doing that.

I have tried pills, working out, food plans, eating one thing vs the other, etc...

The thing that works the best for me an a balance between food and exercise - which I know is the key HOWEVER life gets in the way, emotions get in the way, it just happens.

I am a sucker for sweet and salty  - bad combo. I will sometimes crave NUTS lots of them then the next day I HAVE to have a piece of dark chocolate. It is that deep down craving that I can not control.

So I look to my: will power {has anyone seen it}, fellow bloggers, text messages anything and everything to keep me on this healthy journey.

So here is the TRUTH of the matter:

Truth: I have the CONSENT battle for weight loss
Truth: I can not get this last 10-15 lbs off
Truth: I am not trying as hard or as consist as I should be
Truth: I love food
Truth: I am sick and tired of being on an emotional roller coaster
Truth: I am tired of being an emotional eater
Truth: I WANT to be healthy
Truth: I want to be a size or two smaller
Truth: I want a flat stomach {at 35 getting a tummy tuck for sure}
Truth: I want to have no bingo flaps on my arms {advice what exercise is best for this}
Truth: I actually feel the best I have been in a long time but once you get comfortable it is easy to pack it back on
Truth: I like being healthy
Truth: I like being SKINNIER then I was before
Truth: I like being able to have the option to buy items in the junior section
Truth: I like to buy clothes in the single digit sizes

Truth: This is a picture of me at my heaviest almost 10 years ago - 212 pounds - yes that is right age 23 and 5 foot 5 - huge!

Truth: I actually ENJOY no LOVE running/jogging!

TRUTH: I will Do this! I will conquer this weight! I will LOSE the weight!!


  1. I think you are skinny now but I can relate to having trouble with those last 10 lbs. good luck!

  2. You are working your ass of AND being too hard on yourself. You look fantastic {seriously}. Maybe try 1 week of hard core? You can do anything for 5-7 days, anything. It's what I am currently doing {but then again even though I am only eating protein, veg, and minimal fruit- I fail to exercise}. Hot damn this shit is hard. I wish you the will power hun- I really do, and if you find it pass some over this way. I love you no matter what weight you are {always will}.

  3. I think you look amazing! I seriously don't know how you do everything you do. I consider you a superworman! :) I understand the weightloss thing. I'm at my heaviest now that I have ever been (besides pregnancy and the weight right after). I'm on a quest to loose 20lbs. And yes...I started official training for our mudrun in Nov!

  4. I cannot believe that is you! I had no idea you were in such a battle to be skinnier. I think you look amazing in every picture you post! The last 10 lbs are the HARDEST because the smaller / fitter you get the harder those fat pieces pull away :( Food is mind over matter and sometimes food wins but the next day you say - ok I had a bad food day yesterday, today will be better. And the next day will be better and so will the day after that! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! And you never know who you are inspiring on your journey!! :)

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