Tuesday YOU Challenge 5 foods

Ten Day You Challenge
I have seen many of the blogs I follow doing the YOU Challenge so of course I need to jump on the bandwagon when it is food, right???

1st Food
My grandmothers homemade Strognaff
Now, my grandmother has always served it with white rice and when she makes it she makes enough to feed our entire family and the neighbors. When she makes this it seems we all go RUNNING to the house.
2nd Food

The salad shown is the CPK Quinoa and Arugula Salad that I just tried and LOVE, but overall I LOVE salads as long as the have little lettuce and TONS of toppings [bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, jicama, nuts, onions, asparagus, OKAY really any and all veggies that you can squeeze on that plate and I eat it up].
3rd Food
Chinese Food {PF Changs is my Fav but I loved Pei Wei until they all closed by our house}
I always get the house chicken {meat steamed, sauce on the side, no rice and extra veggies - yummy and oh yeah don't forget the medium hot spicy sauce} So excited going there for lunch today!
4th Food
Is Frozen Yogurt considered a food? I am going to!!!
I found this when I met my hubby [he is a BIG ice cream fan] and then I joined ww - let me tell you this kept me sane {okay as sane as I can be} and it still does.
I ALWAYS get the mini size with at least two flavors and depending on my mood and exercise a side!!!
5th Food
Cheese - yes I am going to say it I LOVE CHEESE. [ I might have mentioned this a time or DOZEN]. I LOVE Swiss the best but I will eat almost any type and style of cheese. I really do try to get the low fat version and stick with the portion size {try}.
So there is MY or YOU Challenge!! Yummy now I am starving!!!


  1. I am 1/4 chinese ... so there are just some days when I just need to get some noodles and fried chinese chicken in me :)
    I am following you now and hope you can follow back.

  2. Cheese is absolutely my thing too! I can't believe you like pei wei. I mean they are good, but pf changs is better. In my opinion lol.

  3. i have had this thing for pepper jack cheese lately. make a grilled cheese with it, you won't be disappointed.


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