The Stuff My Kids Say

Toddler Talk Tuesday
Do you ever wonder where your kid picks up some of the words that they say? Do I say that? umm no Does their dad? - umm maybe But know it is more Do they say that at school??
Our son just started kindergarten and he told me
{boy} Mom, do you know who a star is??
{mom} Yes, there are many?
{boy} Mom hello Justin Bieber
{mom} gasped in my head How does he know Justin Bieber? We are not a Justin Bieber family here WTH????
So thank you school and I am assuming his friends that are girls for Justin Bieber - geez
Another thing that I just wanted see what my boy is talking about
Check out this video
[ his first night home with his first set of sight words - so proud of him]


  1. OMG he is the cutest thing ever! YAY for reading!!!

  2. I think it is so crazy that young kids (BABIES!) know who Justin Bieber is! So so funny!


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