The County Fair - a tradition

This weekend has been filled with great memories and let me tell you the best sleep. I think after my emotional week last week and conquering a few things my mind is getting a little piece- but enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff!

One of our family traditions is going to the LA County Fair - it is about hot weather, freshly made chocolate milk, all of the farm animals and you can't forget about the FOOD. I was raised on a farm and showing animals at the fair was a most - sad to say that is gone!

We go on opening weekend to get in for $1 a person - what a steal {ok here is an observation for me HELLO people 1 dollar a person no matter what age so get ur $1 dollar bill out and go - why would this process take so long} [as we wait in a line not moving].

Our first stop is fresh chocolate milk that they produce at the fair - yummy even though now I pay $2 for a small bottle - it is so smooth and perfect I wait all year for this! Typically I get hot dog on a stick but this year I went for a fair special of zucchini curls and chicken strips that I shared with everyone! My hubby enjoyed ribs and a funnel cake while my mom sampled a bacon wrapped dodger dog.

We walked by all of the animals and it made me smell of home! All of the cute babies - makes me want to live on a farm again.

After animals and food we let the babies ride a few rides {$20 dollars worth doesn't get you far} then it was walking the air-conditioned buildings. Man oh man I think I am either getting older or wiser because there is a bunch of crap and too many people! We went through about two before we decided enough was enough!

All in all we love this family tradition that we make sure to happen every year {and once a year is plenty}.

So as we leave for greener pastures at home here is a "dump" of pictures for you to enjoy!

me and my mommy {yes I call her mommy even though I am 32}

It is all about the food people!

ahh the baby calf!!! SO many memories!

Part of the experience when you have your own children - expensive rides!
This was us WAITING forever for people to pay $1 to get - really people the math is easy!

Ribs anyone???

Taking a break {my fav photo of the day} Love them!
OK this is made out of cheese!! Dang can I get a fork please??
Yummy Chocolate Milk {see small bottle}
Silly photo time!
Always have to get a new group picture!

Running the hay maze with dad!


  1. Bahahaha! You make me laugh girl. I got my dollar ready to go lol. Looks like a great time! Your mama is so pretty- she looks so young!

  2. That chocolate milk is THE BEST!!!

  3. Love county fairs and yes it is totally about the food! I'm so happy you joined the blog hop. I'm having a blast co hosting and getting to know all of you fab bloggers <3

  4. This looks like all of you had so much fun. I found you at the Meet New Bloggers Blog Hop. I'm now following you, would love for your to follow me back.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  5. yay for the fair! the hubs and I are debating going this year - its always so expensive. ha.

  6. I can't wait to head to the la county fair! New follower here!


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