Taking the initiative

Our son has been in kindergarten for 6 weeks [gasp - how can that be???]. We are in a routine with getting up in the morning, before school care, lunches, even the LOADS of homework but something that is just not getting through to our son is the RULES.

Kindergarten has 4 rules:

1. Listen to your teacher
2. Be respectful to your teacher and other adults and children
3. Be kind to everyone inside and outside
4. Do your best at all times

The rules are attached to a GREEN YELLOW RED light system.

His first week he was on GREEN the entire time and he received a note at the end of the week with a big star on it {meaning that he did everything well}.

Then it happened the next 4 weeks he received a note with at least one - two of the rules circled for me to sign and return. When we received the note we talked to him, time outs, took away activities, etc.. Then we got a WEEK of GREEN and big star status!! ABOVE excited. We took them to the library, to get frozen yogurt, bought a movie, the list went on. I wanted to show him being GOOD and following the rules is rewarded.

BACK FIRE big time - the following week EVERY damn RULE was circled. I had enough!!!!!! I emailed his teacher and we scheduled a time to chat.


HER WORDS: Alex is a smart boy, intelligent and knows the right thing to do and say HOWEVER it takes me talking to him THREE times and then he is a different boy.

MY THOUGHTS: Oh SHIT, that is how it is at home. It takes one nice, two nice, THREE YELL to do something.

MY WORDS: Yes Mrs. XXX he has the same issue at home. What do you think we can do to improve this across the board? I then asked if we could receive DAILY progress notes.

HER WORDS: Yes as long as you want to receive them.

Ok obviously there was a lot more words but the above our the MAIN ones.

So moving forward we will be receiving daily progress notes [that I have to sign and return everyday] and if there is a rule circled she will email me the exact issue so we can address it at home too.

So here is crossing my fingers that our little MAN can be the smart, sweet, respectful boy that I KNOW he can be.

But then you have moments like these and you KNOW that everything is going to workout!

I take ahold of these moments when ever he lets me.

See what a big boy LOVE him


  1. Awe! Little man will get the hang of it. If all else fails maybe the teacher can take a liking to yelling lol. I know it's not funny, but look at that face- he's just so damn cute. How can anyone not melt to him?!

  2. We are in the same boat. The boy is in a very into arguing lately. He will argue that the sky is not blue somedays...I swear. We are only at the end of week 3 of kindergarten...so we will see what the next few weeks bring. He has 2-3 timeouts a week so far at school...mostly for talking during instruction. Working on that at home too.


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