So What with a side of What I Wore

SO What I returned the gold pants - sometimes the outfit just doesn't work.

SO What that while my entire family slept on Monday I went shopping - yes I did. The best hour to myself.

SO What that this past weekend all of our meals were called '"leftovers" - hey I cooked a lot last week and I just didn't want it to go to waste - ok I was lazy too.

SO What that I started this #2weekchallenge - follow me on twitter and instagram to see me through this. - It is a challenge to workout, eat right and just overall FIT.

SO What that I had an In n Out burger  {grilled cheese} on Tuesday - hey it was the first time in like 6 years and it was because I delivered food to our work crew in the desert. I was being a team player!!!

SO What here is What I Wore on Wednesday.... {hoping this is better then the gold pants - yikes}

So What that I have a coupon and $10 kohl's cash and got the below dress and bracelet for only $4 bucks - oh yeah!!

I have a new photographer - can you tell?

New photographer #2!

Linking Up Again with Shannon

and my newest fav What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy

pleated poppy
Head on over and show me what you are wearing or WHAT you are saying SO WHAT too!


  1. Great dress! Love the color. It looks really nice on you.


  2. Love the dress AND your new photographers. I need to take you shopping with me- you seems to find the best deals and I never have patience for that shit. Also I would love to stop by for your "left overs" anytime. You gotta do a post or send me the recipe for your corn bread.

  3. I agree I never get 'great' deals like that ... If I save anything I always end up buying something I dont need or end up not liking :)

  4. I have that same dress in black and I wore it to work today!

  5. Love the dress! You look amazing in it and it really is your color!!


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