So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
So WHAT that I am saying for the second week I am DONE with the political shit!!! Okay everyone has their opinions including me but I CHOOSE not to bash you because of yours!! Maybe some people should keep that in mind.

SO WHAT that I am a big supporter of 9-11 and was overwhelmed with love, honor and appreciation yesterday from all of the love going around!

This is what AMERICA is about! Thank you people!!!!

So What that I am finally separating from my beloved quad. YES I am selling it. Why is it beloved?? It is the REASON I am happy - I bought it from where my husband worked and since that day we have been together! Going on 8 years together [7 of them married]. 

So What that I feel like I am having a writers block {so how do I post - thank GOD I stock piled them}. Seriously writers BLOCK WTH??? this is my zone, my stress relief, my thing NOOO don't be gone long!!

So What that I really want a day to myself: massage, facial, sleeping in, shopping, meals prepared for me - so to this I would need to hit the lotto and go away. {not happening, yet}

So What our BOY is just driving me nuts.......... He is so smart, so sweet YET he just can not listen for the life of him or ME. We have tried timeouts, taking away things, no extra activities I am at my wits end people.....................

SO What that because the boy is driving me nuts my daughter says, but mommy I am listening - she has to be the best, she just wants to rub it in his face that she is being good - let me tell you that is getting her on my last nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hehe... I remember the dynamics of siblings from growing up with my sisters. We would always brag to our mom when we were behaving better than each other. I only have one baby now - when I have two... I'll just say it's gonna be a ride! :)

  2. haha- you crack me up. I am with you on all these. Let's run away together and have a spa day lol- I wish!

  3. Writer's block? This post was great! I love the beloved quad story and I can personally attest that sibling rivalry doesn't really ever go away - just lessens haha

  4. Hahaha! You're little man sounds like mine. He cannot listen! I tell him not to do something and he does it anyways. I tell him to do something and he gives me a blank stare. It's driving me up the wall!!!


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