Office Make Over....

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Hi my name is Sharee' over at momFITtingitallin - the unspoken truth of life as a 30ish working mom and wife while having tattoos, toddlers and truth. I am 32 years old and to me 30's is all about CONFIRMING who you are, growing and enjoying the person/woman you have become and are continuing to be. I am embracing a new sense of myself, my life and my goals. I have found my true happiness with my hubby going on 7 years of marriage. With true happiness comes the two true miracles of our lives. Our babies are the reason we do what we do everyday. I am not only blessed with a great hubby and children but I have a few amazing friends (you will see there names come up for sure), the best family in the world and a career that I accidentally landed in but I think was waiting for me!

Here is a little MAKE OVER.....

When we first bought our house we were so excited to actually have just ONE room dedicated to the office. In our old house we only had 3 bedrooms so office furniture was stored everywhere from our bedroom to the kiddos rooms. SO to have one dedicated place was just beyond words. When we moved in we put all of the items into this room along with a nice chaise that the parents gave us until we could afford or find what we really wanted in our office. 

BEFORE the make over

Since we were over joyed with the space we didn't even think of decorating - okay I didn't think about it - until NOW. With a budget we needed to save and sale items on craigslist. As you can see there really is no decoration to speak of. The only think that I have bought for this place is the antique bill box we have on the bookshelf. We bought that for my valentines day trip antiquing. I also found a nice lamp at Target that matched everything wonderfully.
So what else can be done??? I have answers for you and it all started with this print I found from a fellow blogger. 

I saw it and had to have it printed out. The saying matched me to a TEE and the colors oh I love them. Then came the inspiration - chevron, blue, teal and green. 

I ended up finding Chevron pillows at hobby lobby for BOGO and this amazing futon from Target. Add in these amazing decorations that my hubby just adores (from his time overseas) and we have a redecorated room fit for anyone to come visit and me to work. 

Grand Total of Makeover: $218
Print and frame - FREE
Futon - $150 - with 10% online coupon, 5% RedCard Savings, $50 of FREE shipping
Pillows - $28 (BOGO at Hobby Lobby)
Decorations - $40 dollars - Living Spaces 


  1. I LOVE the makeover and those pillows are to DIE for! Great job mama!

  2. It is always great to personalize your space with your unique style and taste. I love how you contrasted the pillows with your green couch. I recently repainted my living and dining area to lighten the house and are looking for accessories to pop off of the wall.
    I am following you now and love your blog. Please follow back and have a great weekend.

  3. It's soooo cute AND I love the pillows. I hope I get to enjoy it soon!

  4. Hello from The TT Diaries your newest follower from the weekend blog walk. I love the print that started it all.

  5. Hi there! I found you on the Blog Hop and am now a new follower. I'd love a follow back at and on Pinterest. I follow back all my Pinterest followers :)

  6. Thanks so much for linking today on the GFC Hop! It's great to have you participating. I love seeing everyone who links up.

    Oh, I know you're busy, so just remember to follow your hosts via GFC :)

    Thanks so much!



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