I clearly have an obsession with painting my nails, nail polish, nail polish swaps - LOVE it all. If you follow me on instagram (momFITtingitallin) you will know that I paint them often - at least 2+ times a week. NOW I say paint because there are no PROFESSIONAL manicures going on here {haven't had one since I think May of this year} I don't even cut my fingernails or shape them just all natural.

I have always preferred my real nails over fake other then the paint doesn't stay on all that well - until recently. I don't know if I am painting them better, using better nail polish [ I think is the biggest change for me nice nail polish ], doing less with my hands {I doubt it} or what but it is going better.

I like my nails to match my outfits {big shock there} so I try to plan my outfits and nail colors accordingly.

WELL with my obsession comes well A LOT of nail polish. My collection has quickly gone from a small box under my sink to well a complete disaster to say the less {I just found this on another blog and pinned it - an upcoming project for sure}

I currently have about 50+ bottles and then I got 5 more in the mail that I forgot I ordered - whoops!

Well I will leave you on this Manicure Monday {ok paint Monday for me}.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day and a smooth September.

Chat with you soon!

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  1. I love the 2nd one. The Zoya orangy red one. LOVE it! I think it's great how you paint your nails and toes weekly. I SUCK at it! It even looks terrible when I paint O&G's lol.


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