My CLOSET: If money wasn't a concern

This is what would be in my closet if money wasn't a concern. I would BUT almost every piece ( I am not a Tom's fan). This would be a wonderful beginning to my Fall/Winter clothing. What do you think??

What would your closet look like if money wasn't a concern?


  1. i LOVE that third outfit,,,especially those creamy boots! i love shopping, but always feel so guilty spending too if money wasn't a concern,,,,i'd probably load up at anthro and nordstroms!

    happy wednesday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. I love the knit scarf and entire first outfit. Great pins!

  3. That 1st outfit is 100% meeeeeeee! I want it! I love high boots, but my calves as so effin fat that they never fit right. Poor me. lol. I need to get my fat calves to the gym! What's your dream fall bag?

  4. I love all of these outfits!!!! Wishing $ wasn't a concern :)

    Just popping over from OHP! :)

  5. If money wasn't a concern, I would definitely have more boots than closet space.


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