Mug Swap - reveal did we get it right?

Coffee Mug Swap
Well I did it again I signed up for another swap and again I am over the top excited and happy about what I got.
NOW first off I want to tell everyone [okay you probably remember] that I am not a coffee drinker - I actually can not stand the smell of it at ALL. And really do I need one more thing to become addicted to? I think not.
SO why did I sign up then? Well first off I love mugs for my ice cream and yes hot tea {rarely when I don't feel good}.
BUT the main reason is I get an opportunity to research someone {okay cyber social media stock someone}, meet someone new and expand my blogger horizon.
Well I received my MUG and I just love it  - I especially love it because of the wonderful note that my mug swapper left me.
My mug swapper is Rebecca Rider and she blogs at

New Momma Beckers

And I feel honored and beyond words at what she got me and what it means just by looking at my blog.

So with out further wait....

SUPER WOMEN {wonder women}

So Rebecca THANK YOU so much!!!!! now I am off to eat some ice cream :)


  1. I love your mug and your note. It couldn't have been more sweet! Thanks for participating.

  2. Awww too cute love it! All the mugs people are getting are epic honestly seems like a fab group who took part all around :) xx

  3. That's awesome! I am enjoy seeing all the mugs everyone is getting;)
    I am hosting a coffee mug swap this Thursday!
    Would love for you to join in on the fun ;)

  4. That mug FITs you perfectly!!! She did a great job!

  5. wonder woman ROCKS!! such a fun mug! wish I had thought to shop on Amazon! :)

    Happy Monday



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