I Believe

I believe that there is a reason for everything.
I believe that an apology goes a long way.
I believe in living my life through my kids {hello I have my daughter's life planned out - cheer leading, nurse, marriage then kids} she is only 3 :)
I believe in TRUE Miracles - I have two of them.

I believe in TRUE love and HAPPINESS.
I believe in having a goal and making it happen!
I believe in letting it all go and enjoying the moment to the fullest.
I believe in being a planner.
I believe it is okay to change your mind.
I believe in FAMILY.
I believe it is OKAY to dress to impress.
I believe that you can trust in HIM no matter where you are.
I believe in me!!!!!!!! {This one is getting stronger by the day, by the year}
I believe in link ups just like this one.


  1. Your hubs is SUPER tall! Why have I never noticed this before?! I believe you are awesome. I believe you are so much better than some of the drama that comes your way. I believe you handle everything with such grace. I believe you can be too hard on yourself. I believe I love everything about you.

  2. Hi, stopping by from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop! I'm one of your fellow co-hosts this week and your newest follower :)
    Vikki x

  3. I love your great blog! Your newest follower from the blog hop. Thanks for co-hosting. Happy Friday!! :)


  4. Your littles are adorable! I loved reading your "I believes"--namely having a goal and making it happen {my mindset these days} and of course trusting in Him no matter what. Great list!

    New follower from Friday Chaos :) Come stop by if you'd like!

  5. I love 4 wheeling, I am assuming that is what the blue vehicle is for :)
    I am now following from the blog hop

  6. Hi, just passing by for a little Friday Chaos!!

    What a gorgeous blog!

    "Imagine with all your mind
    Believe with all your heart
    Achieve with all your might"

    Please feel free to drop by my blog sometime: http://lovemspsychic.blogspot.co.uk

    Lots of love xxx


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