Have you ever got a hair up your a**?

I just have to tell you that this weekend was GREAT! A time to recharge and just be free of the emotional crap I dealt with {thank you FORGET it FRIDAY - it is a weekly link up }

Let's start off that we had my company's annual family picnic. It is our 45th anniversary of doing business! The picnic is a great family event [note I don't see my family much because I help run the Health & Wellness Fair and I assisted with awards and giveaways]. But despite me spending time with my family they had a blast take a look:

Another thing that I did this weekend was FINALLY getting my RHINO: So here is my story....

I am a go getter and once my mind is set I can not be stopped. Just last week I got a hair up my ass that I had to finally get my Yamaha Rhino. IF you don't know that is let me fill you in. It is like a golf cart pumped up on steroids {okay a lot more then that but you get the idea}. I have wanted a Rhino for the last 7 years and my excuse now is bigger then ever. I am sick of riding my beloved quad it just isn't for me anymore. I have two kiddos that LOVE camping, LOVE riding and with this puppy we can all ride together. Plus I have my mommy that goes with us every riding trip as well and guess what this baby holds the four of us perfectly.

So we found one in San Diego and off we went. [side track one minute] we had to leave the house by 6am and the kids didn't complain at all? I am going to tell them everyday that we are getting rhino - maybe that way they will always jump out bed like they did!

We jumped into the RHINO and off we went - the kids screaming FASTER FASTER! Can't wait for our upcoming ride in October - we are going to use this baby up!!!


  1. Awe glad the family picnic went well! Also The Rhino looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Yay!! This sounds like such a fab weekend!! So glad to hear you had a great time. :) And that rhino?! Oh lady...haha!


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