Friendship means the world to me. I cherish them so much. I have few friends BUT the bestest {yes I used that word} EVER. I am learning as I grow up [yeah 32 does that to a girl] that there are several types of friends in your life and they don't have to be the same, you don't have to tell them the same things.

Another grown up moment coming...wait for it... I believe that things happen for a reason, people are put into your life for a reason and sometimes when that reason is over they are gone
[emotionally hard for me get sometimes].
You have work friends [okay more like acquaintances - being the human resources manager friends is a strong word that isn't used much]

{okay a REAL friend sent this to me so I had to add it - I hope I am maybe  a step above this but hey maybe not}

You have the friendly friends - the ones that you first meet and like but don't see each much or just run into them at the grocery store, you have your lifelong friends - someone who knows you as long as you can remember - you don't see each other much but when you do it is like old times - like you never lost a moment of time together,

 and with this wonderful BLOG community I can add my virtual friends and virtual friends that have turned into my go to people,

 then there is your BEST FRIENDS - oh shit the ones that have been there for your first and second marriage, through the boyfriends in between, the bars, the shopping, the personal hygiene comments, the sex talks, yes the list goes on - these are the people that have experienced and LISTENED to A LOT!!! and yet they still come back for more!!! So today I am beyond THANKFUL for my near and dear friendships - I would be lost and lonely without you ALL !!!
Source: via Colby on Pinterest


  1. Awe! I'm just getting a chance to read this {crazy day}. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. I have found the real deal in you Sharee' {how do I make that thing over your letter e?} You are a true friend and I am bummed every single day that I don't live closer to you. I will find a way to meet you. I will. You are a true friend, one I never even knew could exist, but I found it in you and I'm so glad I can be that for you as well!

  2. This is a great post! I've been going through a ton of changes lately in my own life and a so-called "friend" has given me a run for my money. I should have left "work-friend" as a "work-friend".

    Kim M.


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