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As I sit here {instead of going to bed} with ideas running through my head - I just wonder what I am looking for in a link-up. I LOVE link-ups don't you? You get to read new blogs, get new ideas, spread your blog, get new comments, get new followers and best of all if gives you new ideas to write about.

Well, I want Fridays to be my day to FORGET all the crap built up during the week so I can embrace, enjoy and relax on the weekend.

SO I am going to start FORGET it FRIDAYS. A place you can go to relieve the stress from the week, say your peace about the b**** {whom ever she might be}, say honey please do this/that/whatever. You name it. You say it YELL it vent it here and then we get to move into the wonderful weekend [that came so fast this week].

I am wanting to

FORGET that I ate that In N Out burger the other day.

FORGET that I had a horrible I mean HORRIBLE work issue that left my Thursday night BAD.

FORGET that I have two kids with homework EVERY NIGHT.

FORGET that I signed up for team mom {really I am over it}

FORGET that I was a total B***H to my hubby this week.

FORGET that he was a little grouchy too.

FORGET that my time of the month is coming any day {damn it}

So as I leave this week in the dust and FORGET about it here is a little humor to ring in the weekend Today I just felt like I needed a little humor. I have become a big appreciator of the little things in life - like these eCards. Isn't it funny how some of them speak directly about yourself, your closest friends or just the mood you are in. SO today I found a view that I wanted to share with you.
Sometimes NO matter how kind you are it is not enough for some bitches out there.

SO BFF what do you think? Should we submit our lives to the TV
me and my bff for sure
They tell me winning isn't everything BUT sometimes it is.
I think everyone should have a few BFF that would go to "bat" with them!!! {now really I am more
of a lover then fighter but don't think for one minute I couldn't whoop some ass if need be [note I
never been in a fight as of yet - and I would like to keep it that way]}

And at the end of the day we just have to love and appreciate who we are and who we are becoming.  Even though it might be a slow process - turning 32 has been incredible and I truly enjoy the PERSON that I am becoming!

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  1. I need to link up for this next Friday!!! I am making a post it right now! LOVE!!!


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