Forget it Friday! Link Up

I want to FORGET all of the work that is needed for the babies party and JUST enjoy it!
I want to FORGET that I still need to bake all of the cupcakes tomorrow, go shopping {food not the fun kind}.
I want to FORGET that Party City had a helium shortage?? Really?? Are you serious.
I want to FORGET the frustration that I was in for the beginning of this week - it put me in a sour mood.
I want to FORGET that I had to recharge my Starbucks card...umm several times this week.

I want to FORGET that I forgot to make our trailer payment until this week - yikes....

I want to FORGET about the bread I had at dinner when we went to Disneyland.

I want to FORGET that Kristen and Rob ever broke up {hey watching Twilight will not be the same} [I did hear they are back and as long as they can stay together until after I see the movie I will be fine]
Rob and Kris back so I can now enjoy

Bella and Edward!!!

I don't want to FORGET the amazing personal week I have had with my babies and celebrating their birthdays. Here are a few pictures that I LOVE from this week. [full story with the pics will be up soon look out for them].



  1. I agree...birthday parties are so much work! Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy!! 5 is a BIG number :)

    Thanks for hosting and feel free to stop by my blog and link this party up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party.



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