Forget it! Friday Link UP

What is with these EMOTIONAL weeks, can someone tell me that please??

TODAY I am saying FORGET IT to the following BECAUSE I will be having an amazing weekend!!
FORGET IT - that I did not workout as much as I wanted to and needed to.
FORGET IT -  this whole crappy week and I am starting fresh tomorrow!
FORGET IT  - that our son who is just so sweet has an issue with listening.
FORGET IT - that I still have not cooked any meals this week.
FORGET IT - that I weigh in on Monday for the 2 week challenge {thank GOD I will be off my period by then}.

FORGET IT - that a friend I had at work is just not turning out to be a friend at all.

Love my new photographers a little short so I either get no shoes or no head hehe :)
FORGET IT - that starting Monday I have to return to the stick up my a** human resource manager with no friends at work {one of the curses of my job - you truely can't be friends BUT you have to be very friendly}.

I won't FORGET that I looked cute this week and that is already making me forget the crap from the week.

Is there anything you want to FORGET so you can have an amazing weekend, start over??

Please link up!!!!


  1. I am such a slacker. I had planned to link up for this today and life got in the way. Next week- I promise!!!! You look great and I hope your stressful week turns into a good weekend. Well I at least hope Sunday will be low key for you.

  2. I like this idea and I may have to do this on Friday this week! Thanks for the idea and I'll def link up!

    Kim M.


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