Fall into Fall Swap

I am beyond excited about this swap because Fall is my favorite season that into my Favorite holiday {thanksgiving} then my anniversary then Christmas!!

We had a limit of $20 and off to shopping I went. I already had WHAT I wanted to give my person - scarf and Starbucks !!

BUT then it happened I found the cutest accessory store ever! I got my swapper an orange scarf and matching gold/orange ring and I couldn't forget her Starbucks card.

My swap partner is Kim 

So lets reveal what I got!!!

All of the my "fall" items

Necklace - I love the colors I am so into Browns and Golds right now!

The cutest little pad of paper and I LOVE THE Saying on it

Do you remember that this was my inspiration for my office make over??? Kim is good!

Nail Polishes - my new obsession - Pumpkin Spice and Courtney Orange - I can not wait to paint my nails!!!

Did I mention Starbucks???? oh yes!!!

So I think ALL in ALL this was a great swap!! Thank you!!!



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  1. I am so happy that you LOVE your Fall Swap gifts! I had so much fun shopping! I was able to get the scarf back from my daughter but I think I'm going to have to share! LOL...my little fashionista!

    Can't wait to do another swap! I just can't ever find them in time! I usually catch them as they are all being revealed! UGH!

    Kim M.


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