Blog Friends Book Club - Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

Another month another book for our book club read. This book was highly recommended via the blogger world, Amazon and friends alike. Here is Lindsay's opinion and mine below.
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How did you experience the book? Were you engaged immediately, or did it take you a while to “get into it”?
SHAREE - I enjoyed this book in the beginning they it was like a car crash and I couldn't stop until I reached the end.
LINDSAY: I enjoyed the book from the beginning, but I felt like it was a tad slow {just a tad} in the first chapter or two, but once the book got moving I couldn't put it down.

How did you feel reading it – amused, sad, disturbed, confused, bored, etc…? SHAREE - I felt so many emotions in this book - disbelief, sick, sad, PISSED off, scared and mystified. This book had me thinking Could this really happen?
LINDSAY: I seriously would read parts of this book and literally feel angry. This book also made me feel all kinds of happy and frustrated. It was an emotional roller coaster and I LOVED every second of it!

Do the main characters change by the end of the book? Did they grow, or come to learn something about themselves?
SHAREE - I believe that the characters both of them are simply CRAZY and it proved it self further into the book.
LINDSAY: Change? Umm hell no. The only real change is they finally allowed each other to see their TRUE self's. They are both a crazy ass mess and I hope to NEVER know anyone like either of them, but I guess thats the true beauty of life you never really can spot a crazy until they go crazy on your ass.

Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? IF not, why not – how would you change it? SHAREE - Umm satisfied I think is the wrong word - I was stuck on the book but I would recommend it because I couldn't believe the turns and things that happened. LINDSAY: NO, I was not at all satisfied with the ending. Not at all. I wanted Nick to be different. I wanted him to destroy Amy and not just mind fuck her.

Did you like Amy? Did your feelings about her change once she revealed her "true" self?
SHAREE - OMG I first was so upset that she could love him that much and him not even care about her. Men forget things - I see that but at every turn she was just so sweet and trying. THEN the truth came out - she is one CRAZY B**CH.
LINDSAY: Girl was bat shit crazy. For real. Once the "truth" was all out, I found everything she ever did even back in childhood to be sick. She is one sick crazy ass person and I did not like her, but I will give her a thumbs up for brains. Apparently crazy people are actually pretty damn smart as well. Maybe that's how I can prove to you all I'm not crazy, because I'm not so smart.

Did you like Nick? Did your think Nick had murdered Amy in the first part of the book? feelings about him change once she revealed her "true" self?
SHAREE - I didn't like Nick because even at the end of the book One - he cheated big NONO, Second - he wasn't considerate to her BUT I did not ever think he would kill her or did kill her - even at the end when he wanted to I don't think he would be able to.
LINDSAY: I don't know how I feel about Nick. My feelings for him were something that changed every chapter. I am not sure he was a victim as much as I thought he was going to be. He did is part too. These two were made for each other. Made. Honestly he seemed like a lying dick most of the book, and after the cheating came to light I no longer had even a tiny bit of sympathy for him. He kind of made is bed {not just for cheating} but everything combined.

How do you think Amy's relationship with her parents played into her personality/behavior? Do you think, in essence, that they created Amy?
SHAREE - You know I do think parents (any parents) play a role in molding their children. Throughout her whole like she was "AMY" the book and vice verse - so I think she was always held to this Amazing Amy and that could get you down after a while HOWEVER the depth that she went through on things again CRAZY B**TCH.
LINDSAY: Her parents seem just as crazy as her and yes they created her {on many levels}. They never ever held her accountable for anything. So I think that is how Amy was molded into Amy. She learned overtime if she played it smart she could literally murder someone and get away with it.

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  3. I love it when bloggers write book reviews (it's a great way to find new books to read!)! And your reaction to this book was just perfect! I'm still laughing out loud (which is a hard thing to do when your only reading something and not hearing it in person)!
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  4. Loved your review! Can't wait to read the next book.

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