Another pinterest craft - art

A few weekends ago I noticed that Michael's had BOGO on canvas and I knew it was time for this pinterest inspired craft!
pinterest concept

I have nothing hanging up in our bathroom so I thought this would work out great!

As for me I wanted to try the glue trick. I Wrote my words out the night before - true happiness true love true miracles. When the babies were down I just painted a simple color to match tr bathroom! I like it! As for my BOGO well not so much so I am back to the drawing board for that one.

While I was at the store I thought the kids would enjoy a little project of their own! I picked out the canvases and they got to pick out colors to match their rooms. With blankets out and supplies ready - here we go!

Our son is a little "perfectionist" and wants everything to be exactly straight or in other words non the of the paint touching each other - he gets a little obsessed about this - which at times makes it not fun - so I am trying to help get the "fun" part and not worry about the rest. I think by the time he was done he was very proud of himself!

As for the girl - she will get right in there use every color and go for it! The more inspirational the better for her! She is more of a just do it and don't worry about the lines kind of girl.


  1. Your pinterest project is cute...but I must say those kiddo projects are priceless. I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to do stuff like this! Memories they'll never forget! Newest follower from RTF blog hop!!

  2. Their paintings are soooo cute!

  3. Your kids are super cute and love the project idea!
    Following you from the Return the Favor hop!

  4. cutest project ever! i always get in on michael's canvas sales!

    have a great night! drop by and say hi!

  5. I absolutely love the painting canvas projects!! Such a fun and neat thing to have for sure!! Following from the Return the Favor Blog Hop!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing at the Weekend Wonders link party! Hope to see you back on Thursday Have a great day :)

  7. I love painting. Your kids looked like they had fun. Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. This weeks Link Party is opened at
    from Wednesday until Sunday.
    Hope to see you there.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above


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