A high five parent moment

Now that I vented and FORGOT all about the crap of my week in my earlier post. I wanted to post about a wonderful MOMENT as a parent. Also, go check out the giveaway that is going on here for target and starbucks giftcards!!

So today I am saying HIGH FIVE to the following:

Well we (the kids and I) went to the dentist. I am always nervous because you never know what your mouth will reveal. As a family we ALL brush, floss and mouthwash twice a day. Our kids are very independent and don't want help brushing.

We arrive at the dentist - the best dentist by the way! It is a kids dentist that takes parents!

I went in first to get x-rays and the babies were waiting for me. Well the kid side was ready for them and they didn't want to wait for me. Off the two went (literally one room over) and they were big kiddos! They went off for their x-rays and cleaning without me. Such big kids! AND the best part we all left with no cavities and even scheduled our 6 month check-up!

What a proud moment for this mommy!

Be prepared for dental updates every 6 months hehe!

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  1. WOW that is a high five moment! I envy your ability to take your kids to the dentist. O&G? Well they don't have smiles like yours- it is melt down city. Olivia is 8.5 years old and has still NEVER had an xray of her teeth. It's just that awful. Love this moment and the photos of your kiddos- too cute!


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