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Mrs. Monologues
Hi my name is Sharee' and here is alittle about my story...
I turned 32 this year and to me 30's is all about CONFIRMING who you are, growing and enjoying the person/woman you have become and are continuing to be. I am embracing a new sense of myself, my life and my goals. I have found my true happiness with my hubby going on 7 years of marriage. With true happiness comes the two true miracles of our lives. Our babies are the reason we do what we do everyday. I am not only blessed with a great hubby and children but I have a few amazing friends (you will see there names come up for sure), the best family in the world and a career that I accidentally landed in but I think was waiting for me! On this tale of my life I am trying my hardest to be the healthiest example for my family through healthy eating, exercise and activities.
BUT you know every once in a while you need to indulge in something that is not rabbit food too.
So while I was talking to a few friends the other day PIZZA came up. Who doesn't love pizza? Well I am a BIG fan of it and of course the hubby and kiddos agree. I typically have several frozen in the freezer just in case we are running late, just don't want to cook, etc... Sometimes I even make them fresh - dough and all.

But something you will not believe is I have NEVER had pizza delivered for me to eat at the house EVER.

So the OPENING Ceremonies of the Olympics I had it all planned out. I pre-ordered the pizzas (3 thin crust - 1 cheese, 1 Hawaiian and 1 mushroom) to arrive at 6pm. That way we could be home and relaxing for when the food arrived.

I also made salads to go with our meal.

The pizza arrived at our doorstep a few minutes early and we were eager to bite in!

HOWEVER - the opening ceremonies didn't start until 7:30 - whoops!!!

The pizza was amazing, the price was decent BUT the experience will be repeated!!! For ever 10 pizzas you order you get a free one!!!

LOVE me some THIN crust and the only thing I had to do was throw away the box.

So to a STAR I think you need to find the best alternatives for healthy YET fun on occassion!!


  1. Ordering pizza is the best and something I'm sure I do way too often!

  2. That is amazing! We order pizza a lot. If my husband could, he would eat it everyday. He has a monologue about it being a food group.
    Thanks for linking up!
    Mrs. Monologues

    1. Crazy right? 32 and 1st time! Great link up


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