Toby Keith and Friends

Just a little recap of a wonderful friend date night and country music!!!!

We endured the 100+ degree weather and ENJOYED every moment of it.

I do have to stay that I LOVE TOBY KEITH - amazing looking man, great singer, entertainer to the fullest and songs that you love, that represent you and above all AMERICAN.

In my opinion you can not get more AMERICAN then country music, Toby Keith and of course 

So with my BFF along for the ride we meet up with about 16+ other friends and played beer pong, ate, laughed and oh yeah a little drinking BUT the best part was just being FREE and having a blast.

Here is a RECAP of our night!!!!

Also, please take a look at my amazing new cowboy boots - they were part of my birthday present from my BFF (look for a FULL description of the gift soon).

the love of my life 
LIFE BFF's having fun 
BFF thru thick and thin always 
RED SOLO CUP ladies 
Beer pong anyone? the champs!!
BFF always 
BFF and hubbies 


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    1. It was a blast. Thank you for stopping by!

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    1. I agree! Have you seen anyone that you just LOVE?

  3. I feel like anything less than a red solo cup would be banned from a Toby Keith concert!

    1. Right??? exactly!!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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