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I am so excited to co-host this WONDERFUL blog link up.

So here is a look into one of MY not so well activities....

Ok pinterest and YouTube tutorials are my fav. I have been successful in the past with several projects including the cup holder and admit one ticket holder HOWEVER some of them just don't work for me.

Take a look.

I always thought it would be great to take clothes that my daughter or even I love and turn them into tanks. So when I won this AMAZING t-shirt off of twitter from Toby Keith Music and I thought it would be perfect to create a Razor Back Tank top from it and wear it to the concert (but look here my outfit was so much better anyways). And it would be a great way to start this project.

So my thought was to take that shirt and turn it into a tank and add it to a jean skirt and cowboy boots.

Off to pinterest and You tube I went. I found several and they all said EASY, SIMPLE and QUICK.

So I propped up my trusting iPad and set off to COPY step by step to recreate a master piece. It stated no SEWING needed (perfect because I own a brand new sewing machine that is still in the closet).

the shirt
the after
I am trying to make myself THINK that this is cute
Umm this doesn't look right...

Ok I DON'T know what happened, really I don't. I stopped the video, watched every second and it just welllll FAILED.

So I didn't want to ruin my Toby Keith shirt so I wore this shirt one time and trashed it.

I will try this again but I am going to give myself enough time to get over the failure and maybe you can comment and let me know how I can do this better and what tutorial specifically I can use.


  1. Your too funny! Maybe you didn't use the right kind of scissors? But what the hell do I know.

  2. OMG! This looks EXACTLY like my attempt! Haha! I hate tshirts and i had a thought of making over all mine but im scared to try another hahaha! So glad im not the only one!


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