T-Ball anyone??

Well we did it. OKAY I made my hubby do it - we are Coaches/Team Mom!!!

Ok I am beyond excited. Our son has been in t-ball for several seasons and well I need ORDER people, I need dates, I need times, I need... Ok I have to put it in my calendar  - if it isn't there it will not happen - or really we wont be there.

Soo fighting the system I am DONE.

I (yes I) signed up my hubby to coach - he has NEVER played baseball but hey it is Junior Mites we will be fine. Then I volunteered for team mom.

How great is this? The first year our son and daughter on the same team and both of us parents volunteering??? I have to say I am loving it!

By the time we got to the first practice I had a spreadsheet for all of the parents with names, numbers, jersey numbers, snack days, game dates/times and even what and where they could get the uniform. I was READY...

The parents seemed happy (despite the 100+ weather).


Both kids on ONE team.
Our little girl loving to be on the field with her brother.
My hubby being all Coachy and handsome.
This TEAM organized and even ready for the end of the year pizza party (oh yes I already have that booked).


This - a family/team photo!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Too cute! Wish we were on your team!

  2. I bet you are the bestest team Mom ever- ever! Such a cute photo of you guys! Oh and I'm lovin the new website design and it loads sooooo much faster which makes me happy as well. I might need to steal the banner- Gah! So cute!

    1. Thanks girlie! I enjoy it plus being with my babies and hubby


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