So What Wednesday - Rant and Rave today

So What - today all I want to do is BITCH....

So What - is the following  - Plain rude or too high of standards

- Not returning texts - really people, it takes less then a few seconds. It is like you look at it and ignore rude! Now I mean a response in 5 seconds is my style and I wouldn't hold others to that but please never or two days later, really?

- birthdays - with Facebook, automatic reminders, calendars and much more how could you forget birthdays? Then to get a text a day or so later oh sorry, really from family this is crap. And it has happened many times.

- gifts - I love to give gifts and of course I love receiving gifts. I don't always buy the most expensive gift but I like to get things that I think is so you- from color choices, activities, things that you have mentioned somewhere sometime since I have known you. I don't expect anything in return but when someone buys you a crappy gift just to give it to you, really? Also, when you see others receive personalized items.

- helping out - I am a helper, fixer, doer by nature - typically I am not asked I just do it. At dinners, holidays, birthdays, parties - you name it and I help out. Yet others won't even lift a finger. Really? Lazy? What is it?

So What - that my hubby is fing sick. argh bad timing.

So What - that I am more worried about the boy getting sick right before he starts school.

So What - that I was the first to use the futon bc of the hubby sick.

So What - that are dog is not feeling well either - when it rains it pours.

SO What - that our daughter woke up with a runny nose - so praying to the GODS up above that it is allergies.

So What - I have been spraying EVERYWHERE in the house because of the hubby.

So What - I have a give-a-way going on right now that started today too.

So What are you saying SO WHAT TO today!


  1. I HATE when people gift horrible things. I have an Aunt and Uncle who do that all the time. My uncle works for Budweiser so he will gift my husband t-shits, hats, calendars ALL.THE.TIME. But that shit was FREE. FREE! And it's cheap- I just don't know why they bother.

    1. Right??? ahhhhhh NOW I do like getting FREE stuff myself but when people gift that shit out - really???


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