Saying good bye

Today was a day filled with saying good bye. We had the celebration of life ceremony for my hubby's dad. The event was thoughtful, inspirational and above all emotional but in a very good way. Today I was able to hear the love that the family and friends felt for him. Amazing. It makes you reflect on what matters - FAMILY!

I want ALL of my family , his family. Our family to know how much I love them and want us to be in all of our lives. So as we say good bye I also think it is a HELLO we are family let's make sure we stick together!

Today also was a day that we our son said goodbye to the preschool he has attended for the last two years. The teachers and staff were amazing and I believe helped shape our little man into a flourishing person and student. We wanted to say a little thank you so I baked for them And printed out a cute little sheet for them.


  1. I don't know how I missed this post on Friday- I guess I was in selfish birthday mode. I am so sorry for you loss and so happy you guys are taking it so well and finding the positive.

    What a fantastic idea to send in to the boy's teacher. I LOVE this! I need to pin it. I will do that now. Love


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