Not a morning person ADD a cold and another BFF present

Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person? I can't stand the actual dragging myself out of bed - it can be 4 am 6 am 9 am - it is just the fact that I have to stop sleeping. Now don't confuse that with me wanting to be dead heck no I love being a live but I love me some sleep.

Now you ask how do I sleep with two kiddos - well the good lord above blessed us with two kids that have slept so well since almost birth and they enjoy sleeping as well. Also, they are at the age that they can play in their rooms on the weekends so I can get like 20 more minutes of sleep.

Any ways mornings are hard for me. Getting up argh. I always need to stretch because I feel like my body isn't working and it aches - is this a sign of age or what? Then I already know what is going to happen I need to wake up the kids - as we remember what my mornings are like - look here or here.

In the mornings I would love to just be quiet no talking (yes for me a talker) I would love quiet time - let me adjust to being vertical, the brightness of the day maybe just get a little color into my skin - something! Plus add in that the 3 of us have to get out of the house all by 6:30 am.

I am thinking my issue of not being the most upbeat person in the morning is why my temper can flare up VERY easily in the mornings especially with the kiddos.

So my question is - what do I do? Because this routine will not be changing for ummm a while.

Things that I am trying:

- Yoga stretch - I get up and do about 2 minutes of stretching in the morning. It feels good it seems to get all of the kinks out and it is actually refreshing.

- Alarm clocks - we ordered alarm clocks for the kids - my thought here is to get them use to waking themselves up and NOT being the bad guy making them get up - fingers crossed for this!

- Clothes and Lunches - picked out and packed the night before. This helps out SOOO much.
Well that is all I have for know.
Does anyone else have any more advice, suggestions???
Anything else PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I wrote the above post a while ago BUT today I woke up and it was one of THOSE mornings. I still have a bug, something not sure but I don't feel 100% which means - I am cranky and even have less of a chance of holding back my irritable stage and craziness. When the alarm went of this morning I reset it for 7 am and emailed my boss that I would be in late (2 hours late by the time I got here). The kids got to sleep in and I GOT TO SLEEP in. The kids were actually really good this morning THANK YOU LORD, and we were out of the house with no melt downs or yelling.
Then SHIT I forgot that I had to take the hubbies truck in for service - WHY today? Argh. Dropped off one kid then the next then headed to the dealership. Where guess what the dang shuttle left me not once but TWICE, really??? So in came my lifesaver friend Jason!! Thank you.
Finally made it to work to find out that it was a stupid bad light bulb - but hey it is under the warranty.
Did I mention that we have our first game tonight to for t-ball - argh shoot me.
WITH all of this I thought I needed to dress nice to at least let myself look bright - did it work?? I love the colorful scarf and I even added the snake belt again!! I paired it with my coach flats, black slacks from Kohl's and this plain white shirt (that I should found in my closet with tags - score)!!

So here is to me getting through this Monday and NOT getting my kiddos sick on the way!


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  2. Ahh you look great!!! Sorry your not feeling well, but you would never know it from the photo you posted. I hate waking up as well, but something that has worked for me is getting up earlier for "me time". I make my tea turn on the computer and post my blog {most of the time} or just quickly scan emails on my phone. I usually only have about 15 minutes {max}, but it makes me in such a better mood before the rush of the day starts. Today I used my "alone" time to shower and pack lunches so I woke up way earlier than normal today, but it was worth it. I hope the alarm clocks helps- it did for O, but with all things with kids after a month or so it no longer worked so I hope that doesn't happen to you.


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