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Hi Everyone I am doing doing this post as a guest over at Patching Hearts with Karen. She is an amazing woman! I have enjoyed getting to know her via the blog and comments. She is such a sweetie and great follower and blogger. Go over and say hi too.

Without further wait here is my guest blog....

Hi my name is Sharee' over at momFITtingitallin - the unspoken truth of life as a 30ish working mom and wife while having tattoos, toddlers and truth. I am 32 years old and to me 30's is all about CONFIRMING who you are, growing and enjoying the person/woman you have become and are continuing to be. I am embracing a new sense of myself, my life and my goals. I have found my true happiness with my hubby going on 7 years of marriage. With true happiness comes the two true miracles of our lives. Our babies are the reason we do what we do everyday. I am not only blessed with a great hubby and children but I have a few amazing friends (you will see there names come up for sure), the best family in the world and a career that I accidentally landed in but I think was waiting for me! I

On this journey I am trying to be actively on a budget WHILE actively involved with everything with my babies. Well this week I finally got around to doing something on my TO DO LIST for a while - we went and got our babies and us our library cards.

This is what is NEWs to me about the library (I havent' been to a library gosh since maybe COLLEGE??- oh wait I got a marriage license at a library):

- you can donate magazines and books there.
- you can check out ebooks for the kindle.
- you can check out up to 25 items per card - we have 4 cards wow!


So excited that we found this gem. Also the babies saved up their money and bought their cousin books for his birthday too cute.


  1. Thanks for your guest post today!! :)

    1. Anytime! Thank you for having me. Enjoy your vacation!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words!

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  3. Your kiddos are soooo cute!!
    Hope you're having a great day!
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    1. Ahh thank you. Love them bunches!

      Thanks for another great link-up!

  4. Hi Sharee, It's so funny because I totally rediscovered the library after I had kids. They have so many resources - it's unbelievable! We love our local library and visit it regularly for books, videos, and WII games.

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