MY STYLE Does my BFF know me or what???

My BFF and I have been through a lot I think she knows me better then anyone.
She knows when to give advice, when to get advice, when to just have a drink, she also knows where I like the salad dressing and drinks and oh so much more BUT what she knows the best is my style...

She brought over my birthday present wrapped like this...

So my goal is to do just that.....

The first thing was my boots... YOU already got to see them in action for the Toby Keith concert but here is another close up of me, my style and how the BOOTS made the entire outfit.

the boots 
The outfit and the BFF
(I already posted this pic BUT) Hello the boots are hot - again with my BFF 

I also topped this outfit off with another one of the items she got me...this wonderful ring that matched my style and outfit to a tee...

Doesn't it look amazing? It matched the boots, the dress and the nights feel!!! 

So keep watching while I turn my BFF birthday gifts of MY STYLE into wonderful outfits. 


  1. How awesome is this and your BFF. I can't wait to see more. Ha hurry up!

    1. I know right? she is pretty awesome! Another post coming soon! Thanks for commenting! BTW I love your blog you :)


  2. Woo hoo - kickin it country!

    Popped in from Monday Meet Up ~

    1. I love me some COUNTRY :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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