Me, I and Sharee

I am a helper, a fixer, a MOM well before I was a mommy. I LOVE to help people doesn't matter what it is: setting up a party, planning a party, be your "go-to" person, chat with you, help you release steam, exercise, holidays, special occasions, even just the normal mundane stuff - I want to help.

I am DENSE - yes I am. Sometimes I just don't get the hints, I don't get the fact that you don't EVER return a text. Sometimes I need it SPELLED out to me - maybe more then once.

I am a forgiver. I EASILY forgive your wrongs and I easily apologize for mine. I don't like holding grudges (but I can - there is one WRONG that I will NOT forget, I will not get over). A simple sorry works wonders for me and ACTIONS speak millions.

I am eager to give my opinion. If you ask for it, if you don't. I like to hear your opinion too.

I am a great motivator for others. I like to encourage, I like to push, I like to be your supporter. NOW believe it or not this has gotten me in trouble more times then one. REALLY?? Trying to motivate you - I get in trouble, yeap true story. Being my own motivator is a struggle for me - so I turn to my friends.

I am not BIG on asking for help. WHY? Hello I think I am superwomen -  no not really - but yeah really. I don't like to be an inconvenience for others. Also, I am not big on rejection.

I am a planner. I don't go anywhere with out my phone calendar that is linked to personal and work. I have dates planned out for days, weeks, months even years. I like to be on top of things. I like to DO everything possible! Get togethers, work obligations, kids stuff, school dates, birthday parties, date nights, hair appointments, the list can go on. And believe me the calendar fills up FAST. The best thing is when we actually have a day or two of NOTHING - rarity but wonderful.

I am a birthday person! Love my birthday, the babies, yours! I am of course a birthday month type of girl. It hasn't changed in my ripe ol age of 32! I do have one RULE - NO DRAMA! My birthday, my wishes, my way!!!! Now for the babies I love to plan their parties. We celebrate them together because they are so close to each other. It is a production. These are the times that I want to put as much love, sweat and happy tears for them (ok for me too). This year carnival BIG TOP party!!! Can't wait to show you. For others birthdays or any birthdays it is about being together for me. Even a nice text in the morning is a great way to say I remembered you on your day!!

I am a thrower. I recycle, donate, redecorate, sale all the time. I don't like clutter, I don't like messes. It was a struggle for me to get boxes to keep a few baby items of each of our kids and their school masterpieces. YIKES...

I am a clothing WHORE. Yes I said it. I love clothes (like you have not been able to tell that from my blog). I love shopping, I love buying new outfits, I love shopping for others (I am a great personal shopper ask my mom!), I will give advice, I will also tell you when that doesn't look good on you - hell I don't want you going out looking like ass, I would love if someone told me the TRUTH too. I am a matchy match person to - match my kids, my hubby, the occasion!!! TRUE STORY  - I picked out a majority of our families outfits for our wedding - no joke!! That crazy about the "theme". Also, had a rule if someone walked in the door with white was walked back out!!!

I am ever trying to be HEALTHY, active and set a great example for my kids. Eating dinner together, cooking dinner together, MAKING homemade as much as possible, excersice - they try it with me and then they see that me and daddy both go workout.

I am a leader but I can be a follower. If someone wants to take the lead PLEASE do - however this is a rarity in my life so at first glance I might be shocked!!!

I love to accessorise. Nails - check (I try to paint them several times a week) and then of course I have to match my clothes for DAYS for each color. Jewelry - getting pretty excited about this actually. I am into bracelets, necklaces and would love a watch but not yet.

Well to end it I will show you me TODAY

Dress: Kohl's
Shoes: Payless

Here is to a day of LOVING all of me!

What about you? What makes you? Who are you??


  1. love this post! It's hard for me to ask for help sometimes too...not sure if it's just a woman thing or what but my husband always tells me it's okay to ask for help when ya need it--dually noted ha.

    I think the thing that makes me ME is my talents, my hobbies, the people in my life, my beliefs...the accumulation of what I love (design, creativity, baking, cleanliness...) and my upbringing and family (four sisters, parents, my daughter and one on the way...) I guess that's what makes me ME.

    Come on over and follow along Color Issue...I think you'd really enjoy it (but than again I might be a bit bias?!) ha.

    1. HELP is the hardest!! Yet we give HELP to everyone else so easily!!

      Thank you for writing your ME section too!! Great to see a little about you!

      I will head over to your blog!!!

  2. I love this post!! We seem to have a lot in common.


    1. Thanks for stopping by!!

      It was a post that I adores writing!

  3. love the dress!
    New follower from the mixer!
    Misty @

  4. ow! ow! LOVE that dress mama, looking good! I smiled and laughed so much reading this post! love it, love you!

  5. I can relate to this...but without the part of putting together a snazzy, jazzy outfit! You look fantastic!


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