IT's OKAY Things I said I would never do BUT did!

Its Ok Thursdays
Today I am SAYING It's Ok IF.....
As a parent I am really trying not to say NEVER because man when I do I have to eat crow!

For instance:

yes those are workout pants!
- Wear my workout clothes all day every where - oh yes this is actually a wonderful thing. They are comfy, they always seem to fit, you can wear them to the gym, for a walk, picking up kids, going to the store - universal in my opinion! 

- Give my kids chocolate - this was  a BIGGIE for me. But with moderation and only mom handing it out we have given in.

Mom I want to wear red and grey from head to toe - look at his socks OMG But off we went to school

- Let my kids pick out their clothes - sometimes the fight isn't worth it. Okay I am a matchy matchy mom! So I love that my kiddos match from head to toe daily, for events, for activities. HOWEVER, there are days that it is fine her hair isn't done, that the shoes don't match and that they have two different strip items on! We have even had a stint that all was worn was cowboy boots - with everything I tell you! Pj's can look like regular clothes, right?

- Let the tv be a babysitter - OKAY first our kids only get to watch KID approved TV - mainly educational DVD's, the Disney channel, things of that nature BUT yes I have and will use it as a babysitter sometimes. There are moments I need a break, I need to make dinner/make breakfast, etc... Momma needs a break!


  1. I will pack clothes for after working out but even after sweating sometimes I just would rather be in them. They are so comfy! I cringe when my son dresses himself. Socks are always the worst part haha

    1. Right? me too! I cringe too. And now I try to "pre-pick" out a few that I know match and then let him go wild picking from the ones I choose :)

  2. i know how you feel!!! I tend to fight the urge to always wanna match Eli but i think it is better educational experience for him to pick his own clothes and dress himself!! they grow too fast!!!

    1. It is a great educational experience BUT man sometimes the outfits they pick out!!!

  3. I've found that every time I've said never, whatever I was talking about ends up happening. So for my own good, I've stopped saying it too haha.

  4. You look so cute in your "workout" clothes! Much much better than myself. I too have had to give in to the clothing thing. Some days it is not worth the fight. Which usually means they are head to toe in every sparkle tutu thing they could find in their closet.

    1. I am not sure what I m going to do hen thy get older and more opinionated

  5. My mom taught me to "never say never"... Omg see kids do listen :)
    Yolanda :)

  6. Hey there-found you through the mc link up! I'll be following and looking forward to reading through previous posts to catch up!

    I confess I still say never...and I try not to kick myself when I give up or give in, I like to focus on those things I stuck with lol half glass full!

  7. I wear yoga pants 24/7.
    I haven't taken a yoga class in appx 5 years.
    I GET IT! :)
    Thanks for linking!
    Megan @

  8. Hahaha oh, this is my life - so much that this was the topic of my MC post this week too!! Your workout clothes are far cuter than mine - I wish I could wear tight shirts like that and look cute! I've got jiggle jaggle all over the place! I'm really not looking forward to Ben being old enough to want to pick out his own clothes. Oy.

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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