Its Ok Thursday

It's Okay that I am on post #2 today.

It's Okay that YESTERDAY was by far a VERY emotional day and I am glad it is behind me. SHIT was it a day. I followed through and told the company I helped on the side I can not continue on, I got not such a good experience at work and my sickness is just not improving.

It's OKAY that I decided to try a new look and umm I actually like it I hope you do too. Well now seeing it in pictures I love the colors and I am so LOVING the gold but maybe my thighs....I am still saying It's OKAY

It's OKAY that I have missed the first two games of our kids t-ball games - this sickness has me in the dumps.

It's OKAY that I feel like pulling my hair out with my boy  - he isn't listening - advice on this mothers with boys????

It's OKAY that I want to cancel all my plans this weekend and sit on butt and do NOTHING.

It's OKAY that I put my family first (this is a reminder to myself).

It's OKAY that I have now decided washing my hair every other day gives me that sexy bed head hehe :)

my faithful photo taker was making me laugh so hard

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  1. It's all okay! I really hope you get some rest in this weekend not only do you need it, but you deserve it. So it makes me VERY happy to hear you have missed some t-ball games.

    I too only was my hair every other day. I love my second day hair more than my 1st and literally plan my hair washing over which day I have important things lol.


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