I was thinking... PURSE swap???

We all have a closet of purses that at one time or another we LOVED - but don't use anymore but can't get rid of.

WELL ladies I am thinking we should do a purse swap. You can swap a purse you have and don't want anymore, you can buy a new one, it doesn't matter.


1. I would ask that the purse is in GOOD condition, smoke free environment and it can have normal wear and tear.

2. The purse can be one from your closet or even a new one.

3. You have until Wednesday, August 8 to sign up. - sign up by commenting on this post. Leave your email if possible!

4. On Thursday, August 9 I will email everyone for their info and give you your "swappers" info. Ask your swapper for their shipping information and if you are giving a new purse maybe what they are looking for.

5. You have until Wednesday, August 15 to mail out the purse.

6. We will do a PURSE SWAP link up the week of August 20th!

Can't wait to do this. I have this cute little COACH purse waiting to fit on someones shoulder!!!

So hurry up and sign up! I will randomly pick the "Swappers"


  1. Sounds like fun. I've got a ton of purses I'm not using!

  2. It sounds like so much fun, but I have to say I am beyond nervous. I think all my bags are my babies even if I haven't used them in a while. So . . . I think I have a Coach bag I never really used I could swap, but it's like circa 2007. Black, signature pattern, and still in new condition. I would love to swap my Marc Jacobs, but that things was little over $500- so idk. I will see what I can come up with. Great idea!

    1. What ever you feel like! I still have a closet full hehe. It took everything for me to get rid of 3. Love me purses!

  3. Oh my gosh a purse swap?! Brilliant!

    So my GFC has been acting odd, but it let me follow you through my twitter! Who knew you could that?! So cool!

    1. So excited you are joining us!!! I didn't know you could follow via twitter, interesting!!!

      Have an amazing day

  4. Replies
    1. Please send me your email! So excited for this. Can't wait to see what we all get!


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